• What It Means To Love Yourself After Surviving Trauma

    What It Means To Love Yourself After Surviving Trauma

    Loving yourself after trauma does not mean leaving yourself. It does not mean giving up, giving in, or giving yourself away. It does not mean keeping yourself locked inside or separated from the world. Loving yourself after trauma means beginning anew. It means assessing the difficulties you have been through, accepting them, and learning how to adapt. The most you can do after trauma is adapt because you can’t certainly go back. You will never be the same after surviving trauma, and while some may find that to be a curse, consider it a blessing. You have battle wounds. You...

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  • 8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake

    8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake

    We all know drinking water has great benefits, but for some of us struggle with getting enough water into our diet. We have found 8 easy ways to help you increase your water intake. 1. Add a splash of citrus If you just can't drink glass after glass of plain water all day, try infusing your water with some citrusy flavor. Just slice up some lemon, lime, or orange, or even all three! Then add to a pitcher or bottle and let it infuse your water with fruity flavor. Keeping a pitcher of this in your fridge at all times will double your...

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  • Self Care for Busy Movers & Shakers

    Self Care for Busy Movers & Shakers

    As busy business owners, leaders, and professionals (often with lives of work, volunteering, and family), it can be challenging to prioritize much less actually follow through when it comes to truly taking care of yourself. Sometimes this topic is blown off as a fluffy, feminine issue. However, while men don't often get manicures or pedicures or schedule coffee chats with friends, both men and women both need to make sure they are resting and restoring their own energy. This is taking care of themselves. When we don't take care of ourselves, we put ourselves in a position of increased vulnerability...

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  • Losing Weight During the Holiday Season

    Losing Weight During the Holiday Season

    The greatest challenge we all face in December through January now is how to lose weight during the holiday season and not fall back and gain the weight successfully lost. The holiday season is usually a period of weight gain because of the overabundance of food, parties, and tempting treats as well as the increased stress and busier schedules that goes with the holidays. Here are some holiday weight loss tips to help you during the holiday season. With the right healthy foods and some discipline, you can make it through the holiday season without adding excess weight; feel livelier,...

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  • Self Care During The Overwhelming Holiday Season

    Self Care During The Overwhelming Holiday Season

    The Holiday Season can be a wonderful time of the year with the lovely decorations, exchanging of gifts, visiting with friends and family as well as the lovely meals. For many of us, the Holiday Season can also be quite overwhelming with all the added activities of this time of year such as decorating our homes, selecting, buying, wrapping and exchanging gifts with those in our lives and hosting our friends and family while we prepare multi-course elaborate meals! The question is, "What can we do to Overcome Overwhelm during the Holidays?" 1. Simplify Your Life Holidays that are full...

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  • Do You Know What The Number One Toxin For Your Heart Is?

    Do You Know What The Number One Toxin For Your Heart Is?

    Seventy-five percent of Americans report they’re exposed to moderate or high levels of it. We encounter it nearly everywhere: in the office, at home, in traffic—even (maybe especially?) at school drop-off. And it can be toxic. It’s stress. Skyrocketing stress levels seem like a symptom of modern living. But the body’s stress response is actually quite old, rooted in a time when stressors tended to be life-threatening. Today, our stressors tend to be less serious. (No matter how harrowing your commute feels, you’re probably not spotting a saber-toothed tiger on the B train.) But the stress response, once triggered, is...

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