Nourish Super Food Bar - Plant-Based Protein for a Trim Waistline


Rich in prebiotics and antioxidants, this plant-based protein bar is not only a complete meal replacement option, but also rich ingredients that aid in debloating and anti-aging, keeping your waistline trim and you looking more youthful. Slimming? Anti-Aging? This is not your average protein bar.  Key Ingredients: Pea Protein: A plant-based protein that helps lower cholesterol. Sweet Potato: A rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this veggie is also a natural appetite suppressant.  Amino Acids: These vital ingredients help you build muscle and recover faster.  Beet Root: This superfood is also packed with vitamins and minerals to help support heart and brain health (this is what gives the protein the pink color).  Trims Waistline: Protein rich diets help you stay fuller longer, which means fewer cravings and less grazing.  Adaptogens: These herbal pharmaceuticals work to combat stress in the body. 

Contains: Cashews, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Cherries

Plant Based | 100% Drug-Free | Soy-Free | GMP Certified | Made in USA


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Builds Muscle
Lowers Cholesterol
Trims Waistline

+ Pea Protein – Perfect for any diet and a great source of iron to fuel muscle growth, accelerate weight loss and boost heart health. 

+ Sweet Potato – Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to shuttle protein to your muscle cells, accelerate your energy and keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

+ Beet Root – Delivers the nitrates your body needs to increase muscle power, enhance immune function and maintain heart health.

+ Amino Acids – These vital amino acids helps you build muscle and recover faster.

+ Adaptogens – These herbal pharmaceuticals work to combat stress in the body.

+ 11 Grams Plant-Based Protein Per Serving

+ 9 Essential Amino Acids

+ Feeds Muscle Growth and Power

+ Supports Healthy Weight Management

+ Boosts Heart Health

+ Promotes Strong Immune Function

Suggested Use: Consume as a high protein snack.