Apparently, Healthy Friendships Help You Stay Fit (Among Other Things)

Apparently, Healthy Friendships Help You Stay Fit (Among Other Things)

by Body Complete Rx

We’re not talking about gym buddies either, your typical, run-of-the-mill friendships can help you stay fit, feel healthy, and look better. How? Humans are social animals, we crave attention and affection— just examine how many hours we spend on social media. 

Strong social connections promote well-being, which can include friendships and relationships with colleagues and bosses. Interaction with others is so important, that when it's positive, the body responds by reducing feelings of helplessness or depression. Good mental health means the body will perform the way it should, like a well-oiled machine. 

However, a giant factor to consider here is the quality of ‘said friendships’. A toxic relationship will not help you maintain body weight, nor will it assist in your journey to lose weight, stay sane, or be happy—

You’ll learn more about how to identify if a relationship is toxic or not below, but first the good stuff— we’re going to tell you how apparently, healthy friendships help you stay fit (amongst other things.)

The Effect of Friendships on Weight

Here's the thing, depression, stress, anxiety, all of those wreak havoc on your body, and that's when you start gaining weight. In this way when you prioritize healthy friendships then you can eliminate one factor that may lead to obesity. We’re not done yet! 

Eliminating one factor is all well and good, but there’s more. Beneficial relationships also encourage low blood pressure and greater life satisfaction. Then there’s this to consider: positive interactions with friends relieve stress, which in turn protects your metabolism, and keeps you fit. 

“Created by the adrenal glands located on your kidneys, cortisol is released when you're under stress. This sends your body into fight-or-flight mode, temporarily pausing regular bodily functions and slowing your metabolism.” –

Plainly, there is no ‘apparently’ about it. Sincere friendships help you stay fit (among other things), there's no doubt about it. This is just another great example of how sure, fitness and diet are super important, but there are so many other factors that contribute to longevity and maintenance as well. On this blog, we talk about all the ways you can live a healthier lifestyle. That includes lifestyle choices. We want to help you make better ones. Read our articles like...

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Quick Tips on How to Tell if a Friendship is Toxic

Yes, ma’am keep on reading. Here's something that may surprise you: some of your oldest friendships may not be the healthiest. And this bit of truth goes for any age, we tolerate a lot if we don’t know it’s harmful. 

  1. No Boundaries Between You Two
  2. Codependent Tendencies on Both Sides
  3. Jealous of Your Other Friends
  4. You're Jealous of Their Other Friends
  5. Dismissing Your Values or Vice Versus
  6. Trying to Change Each Other
  7. No Accountability for Harmful Behavoirs
  8. Compete or Belittle Your Accomplishments
  9. They Only Call if They Need Something
  10. You're Their Unpaid Therapist, They’re not Yours
  11. No R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  12. Under the Guise of Teasing, Say Hurtful Things
  13. Gossipy (How do you think they talk about you?)
  14. Obsessed With You 

This isn’t an all-encompassing article, but we couldn’t leave you without a helping hand, or rather a checklist. We hope it helps you on your journey to a better and brighter day. 

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By Staff Writer, Klarrisa Arafa