Start Living Kit


Start living with our proprietary plant-based solutions designed to make weight management easier and healthy living a lifestyle! Discover how it feels to live your best, healthiest life today!

This kit includes:

2 - 15 Serving Nourish Protein

BCRX Women's or Men's Multivitamin, Protect Immunity Boosting Capsules, Calm Relaxation Capsules, Balance Pre & Probiotic Capsules

1 - 30 Serving Perform Pre-Workout

1 - 30 Serving Restore Collagen Boosting Powder

1 - Glow Vitamin C Serum

1 - Shaker Bottle w/ Vitamin Case

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+ 2 - 15 Serving Nourish Protein – Delivering 9 essential amino acids plus 20 grams of protein in every serving, NOURISH powers muscle growth and help slim your waistline.

+ BALANCE Probiotic Capsules – With powerful prebiotics plus 50 billion active cultures and 14 probiotics, BALANCE fortifies your digestive tract and feeds the growth of good bacteria to boost metabolism, balance your mood and keep your immune system running strong.

+ BCRX Men or Women’s Multivitamin – Choose from our proprietary men or women’s multivitamin formulas designed to go beyond your traditional multi and take your health and wellbeing to the next level.

+ CALM Relaxation Capsules – A natural way to relieve stress and help you sleep, CALM Relaxation Capsules are your ticket to unwind and relax before bed. Better stress management plus better sleep equals better health each and every day.

+ PROTECT Seamoss Capsules – Rich in Irish Moss and Bladderwrack, the formula is specifically designed to stimulate strong, supercharged immunity, promote healthy inflammation levels and support balanced thyroid function. With the triple-nutrient power of PROTECT, staying well has never been easier.

+ 1 - 30 Serving Perform Pre WorkoutSpecially formulated to reduce soreness and fatigue, build muscle, and increase your endurance, Perform Pre-Workout Powder gives you the power to go hard, get ripped and level up.

+ 1 - 30 Serving Restore Collagen Boosting PowderWith just one scoop daily of this refreshing cucumber lime super green formula and you get the building blocks your body needs to make the collagen that keeps your skin firm, lifted and nourished, plus the deep down hydration and elasticity-boosting power of coconut water.

+ 1 - Glow Vitamin C SerumInfused with Vitamin C and skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid, the silky serum slips into pores to deeply hydrate, lock in moisture and accelerate collagen production.

+ 1 - Vegan Leather Toiletry Bag

+ 1 - Shaker Bottle w/ Vitamin Case

+ Restores gut health

+ Supercharges immune function

+ Reduces everyday stress and improves relaxation

+ Supports healthy sleep

+ Helps boost metabolism and slim your body

+ Dramatically boosts collagen production

+ Smooths, firms and lifts skin

+ Leaves skin youthful, vibrant and glowing

+ Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture

+ Boosts elasticity

+ Reveals smoother, softer, infinitely radiant skin

+ Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

+ Supercharges exercise performance

+ Accelerates energy and speeds recovery

+ Supports improved lean muscle mass and healthy body composition

+ Boosts concentration and focus for your workout

+ Feeds Muscle Growth and Power

+ Boosts Heart Health

+ Feeds Muscle Growth and Power

+ Supports Healthy Weight Management

Please follow directions as noted on the individual products in your kit.