Glow Kit


Ready to show the world your glow and reveal your most beautiful, radiant you? Then you’re ready for our GLOW Kit! With everything you need to rock your glow and get firmer, more lifted, smoother skin both inside and out, this kit makes looking your best easy. Just one scoop per day of our GLOW Kit’s RESTORE Collagen Powder delivers the skin-supporting peptides plus coconut water you need for healthy, vibrant skin hair and nails. And the kit’s GLOW Vitamin C Serum is the only serum you need to brighten and firm skin, fight the visible signs of aging and leave your skin looking like it's truly been kissed by the sun. You glow girl!

Includes: 30 Serving Restore Collagen Powder

Glow Vitamin C Serum

Shaker Bottle w/ Supplement Case

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Improves Skin

With your GLOW Kit you get: 

RESTORE Collagen Powder – With just one scoop daily delivering the building blocks your body needs to make the collagen that keeps your skin firm, lifted and nourished, plus the deep down hydration and elasticity-boosting power of coconut water, RESTORE is your secret weapon for a more beautiful, radiant you. 

GLOW Vitamin C Serum – Infused with Vitamin C and skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid, the silky serum slips into pores to deeply hydrate, lock in moisture and accelerate collagen production. The formula’s MSM plus Witch Hazel perfectly balances skin oils and inflammation, while feeding collagen and elastin formation and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The result? Skin that is lifted, firmed and infinitely radiant.

+ Dramatically boosts collagen production

+ Smooths, firms and lifts skin

+ Leaves skin youthful, vibrant and glowing

+ Deeply hydrates and locks in moisture

+ Boosts elasticity

+ Reveals smoother, softer, infinitely radiant skin

+ Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

+ Offers everything you need to nourish your skin inside and out

Please follow directions as noted on the individual products in your kit.

What's in a serum?

Our GLOW line is more than skin deep. Made with the purest plant-based ingredients, these formulas offer lasting benefits that do your whole body good! The result? Skin that is lifted, firmed and infinitely radiant.

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About the Glow Line

Finally! A skincare routine that is more than skin deep! WIth pure, plant-based ingredients, our formulas are designed to help feel great while you shine from the inside out.