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  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

    7 Ways to Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

    It’s no wonder people are looking to boost their endurance and stamina. With the newfound rise of obstacle course races endurance and stamina are in demand like never before. The thing is, “people tend to focus on cardio activities like running or cycling,” says Will Torres, a New York-based personal trainer and founder of the personal training studio, Willspace. But that’s only a small part of the endurance-building equation. “You also need to improve your strength,” notes Torres. When you build your leg muscles, Torres explains, you’ll better able to propel yourself further in every step you take while running. “The added muscle also helps...

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  • Are Your Food Choices Keeping You from Weight Loss?

    Are Your Food Choices Keeping You from Weight Loss?

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    Sometimes, you could feel like you're doing everything you can to lose weight and the scale just doesn't seem to move! There may be more to than meets the eye. Bad Food Choices Even though we say we are on a diet, we still tend to make bad food choices. The word diet on its own can be very daunting, because we think we have to deprive ourselves of the food we enjoy. Especially with bad food choices we are very rarely aware that we are making them. Most times it is a subconscious decision we make for instant gratification...

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    We all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us, but only about 20 percent of people move regularly. Those of us who exercise may be drawn into popular workout trends, like CrossFit or hopping on the elliptical for 60 minutes
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  • 4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

    4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

    Cassie Mendoza-Jones is a kinesiologist, naturopath and author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good. She works with women who feel stuck, unworthy and disconnected to themselves. She shows them how to increase their self-care, self-worth and self-acceptance on every level, while making it all feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world. (Truth: it can be.)  Looking after our energy is so important, and it’s not just about your physical energy, but the energy you’re containing and managing across your four bodies; the parts that make up your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. It’s not just our food and exercise that impacts...

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  • Self Care when You're Caring for Someone Else

    Self Care when You're Caring for Someone Else

    Whether it's for an ailing relative or a close friend, millions of Americans provide unpaid care for another person every day in the United States. Although it might be a noble and rewarding job, acting as a caregiver is hard work. It can lead to chronic stress and fatigue, which is why practicing self-care is vital. “People think self-care is indulgent,” says Jennifer Kogan*, a licensed family therapist based in Washington, D.C.  “They think it means a trip to the spa or getting a mani-pedi. But self-care is just something you need to do as a human being to take...

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  • Upgrade Your Workouts with Meditation

    Upgrade Your Workouts with Meditation

    Between strength training, running, yoga, and fitting in a rest day or two, you might feel like your workout routine is already fairly balanced. But, just as you prioritize exercising your body, it’s also important to work out your mind. That’s where meditating can be a perfect complement to sweating it out. Mindfulness supports your mental health, improves performance, and reduces stress. It may even help build muscle. Best of all, it’s a free, short way to kick off or wind down your daily workout. Our experts share five reasons to add meditation to your exercise routine today.
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