Could Weight Goals Be Sabotaging Everything?
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Could Weight Goals Be Sabotaging Everything?



Constantly checking the scale can stall weight-loss progress because it doesn't immediately reflect the effort exerted. And as studies reveal, when people can't see quick results, they doubt their ability to manage their weight. The scale clouds the mind with the short-term game and not the long haul. For most, weight loss goals sabotage their attempt at a healthy lifestyle.


Scales are Unreliable 


Weight naturally fluctuates day-to-day. A five-pound increase is not an indication of your knowledge to lose weight. The body may hold water weight, or no change could be explained by muscle gain and fat loss. 


The Scale Can Be Triggering


Seeing an unwanted number on the scale can reinforce a person's negative self-beliefs. And for those living with mental health conditions, the scale can be ruinous.


For example, those living with disordered eating habits can easily be triggered into unhealthy coping behaviors in the reaction to their weight. In addition, it's hard for them to move past the numbers reflected back at them because of "overvalued ideas regarding weight and shape." 


Some Take-aways on Wellness Journeys


If you get nothing else from this article, we want you to know the key to your best self is consistency, patience, and self-love. A successful weight loss program won't focus on numbers but on wholesome daily habits. 


Acting in your best interest requires time and diligence: an 'incremental' overhaul of how you view health, fitness, and wellness.


Tip: Work to stay present and intentional throughout the entirety of a wellness journey. For example, when you wake up in the morning, your first thoughts shouldn't be rushing to the scale. Instead, try good morning mantras:


  1. Today I'll be good to myself.
  2. Today I will speak words of encouragement to myself.
  3. Today I will eat foods that my body needs.
  4. Today I will drink water and move.
  5. Today I will practice gratitude.


Most importantly, believe you will achieve everything and anything you want. Manifest your best self with your actions by making choices that promote your longevity. 


Things to Keep in Mind For Any Wellness Journey


What works for WW fans may not translate to Herbalife enthusiasts. Our lives are structured differently; diets should reflect that. And just like schedules vary, we all have a myriad of emotional reasons for our state of health.


For health-seekers to succeed, wellness plans must be personalized and modified. So enjoy the experience of exploring new products or tools. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to find the right match, and that's so okay! 


Don't be afraid of a failure that may never happen.


Measurements Over Weight, A Solution 


A "tailor's" measuring tape is an accurate way to map fitness progress. An inelastic tape measure will show the most precise numbers each time, as long as the tape doesn't stretch. It also helps to follow placement guidelines, so you measure in the same place every time. For illustration, measure the circumference of your thigh from four inches above your knee cap.


Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Body 


Don't hesitate to throw out the scale if you're unsure if it's helping or hindering; because it's likely sabotaging your weight loss. As you move forward, remember that your dream weight may not look exactly as you think it might. Instead, getting healthy happens subtly, in ways you couldn't have imagined. 


If you let yourself, you'll begin to feel good long before a goal weight is achieved.