What is a Low Triglyceride Diet and Is it Good for Weight Loss?
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What is a Low Triglyceride Diet and Is it Good for Weight Loss?


Triglycerides (pronounced trai·gli·sr·ide) otherwise called the stuff we ignored in high school biology, seems confusing but it isn’t going to be here in a few minutes. We about to explain. 

Whenever you overeat, the body converts the extra food into fat. That converted fat is known as triglycerides. Thus, a low-triglyceride diet is essentially a low-fat diet. 

When Should You Consider a Low Triglyceride Diet?

Okay, so healthy fats are an essential part of feeling energized and healthy brain function, but let’s put an emphasis on healthy. If your diet consists of a considerable amount of saturated and trans-fatty acids then you’re at risk for clogged arteries, heart disease, and high cholesterol. So, below is a list of instances where someone might be advised to start a low-triglyceride diet. 

A Low Triglyceride Diet Might Benefit You if You Experience…

  • Excess Stomach Fat Situated at the Waistline 

  • High blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Low Cholesterol

  • Lots of Blood Triglycerides

It is up for debate as to who should follow this diet. It may not be necessary to keep a low-fat diet as the main focus if you're healthy. However, if you live with any of the conditions listed above, it might be worth talking with a doctor.


In general, cutting out bad fats (saturated and trans-fatty acids) isn't a terrible idea. Following a low-fat diet can help decrease blood triglyceride levels but according to health professionals so can eating certain foods. Leafy greens, 

If you want to focus on anything, try to eat less sugar, drink a lot of water, and get active. Those are three effective places to start before attempting a diet that could lead to diet fatigue and self-sabotage. As always we recommend consulting a professional before starting a diet that could be unsustainable. 

Fat isn’t Always Bad

It might seem contradictory but we do need fat in our diet, in fact, it’s a staple in ketogenic diets and paleo for a reason.


Healthy Food Healthy Fats Diets


Our brain needs healthy fats to function properly, omega-3 fatty acids support learning and memory. Healthy fats will also help you control your appetite, keeping you fuller for longer. However, you can eat too much nutritious food. High-fat content, nutrient-dense or not, is also high in calories, so over-indulging will lead to weight gain. Weight gain increases the risk of health complications and the overall quality of daily life.

According to some research replacing carbs with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats could combat increased triglyceride levels with fat. While it seems counterproductive this is simply one argument for “not all fat is bad.”

Add any of these 16 healthy fats to boost your brain function and help you lose weight:

  1. Avocados

  2. Chia Seeds

  3. Grass-Fed Beef

  4. Dark Chocolate

  5. Sardines

  6. Cheese

  7. Trout

  8. Nuts 

  9. Nut Butters

  10. Salmon

  11. Olives

  12. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  13. Lard

  14. Ghee

  15. Full Fat Yogurt

  16. Creme Fraiche 

As we mentioned before unsaturated fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats aren’t actually bad in moderation. However, eat too much, and like anything else you’re likely to gain weight.

As a general rule of thumb, regardless, all humans need a bit of fat in their diet. If you take nothing else away from this article it’s okay to eat fats, if you’re healthy, just don't eat a stick of butter. Everything is in moderation.