Finding Your Groove in the Gym
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Finding Your Groove in the Gym


The basics of working out are easy to remember: cardio on some days, lifting on others, and low-impact, steady-state cardio on rest days. 

Easy to remember, but so blah


Our Unhelpful Gym Culture

The fitness industry has morphed into a whole other world, and it's understandable most feel overwhelmed— or overcome by it. Any feelings related to 'fitness' are typically valid (e.g., a lifestyle that's an addiction, grueling af, or a necessary evil.) When you factor in the social factors and the energy needed for a successful gym routine, many beginners will walk away from a physical training plan, despite how well-intended it is.


Here's the deal. Avoid focusing on traditional gym culture if you want to embrace a holistic lifestyle and not become a #gymbeast. What do we mean by that? 


Shift your perspective to rise above toxic gym culture


Think of it this way: you may feel uncomfortable starting your wellness journey, but you can always find your way to joyful movement outside of the traditional framework. You don't need to get shredded, or workout until you have a home-baked BBL. You need to find something that makes you happy to move your body. 


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You're about to learn how to toss the basics out the window and find a plan that is right for you.


Finding Your Fitness Groove

Trying new routines and factoring in your personality type can help you find your fitness groove. And while the alternative of enrolling in any popular wellness program (contrary to your basic instincts) won't be impossible— it will require considerable effort. 


Make it easier on yourself by not making it harder on yourself. What do we mean by that? Several things, but let us begin by saying how imperative it is to consider personality type when adjusting a daily routine. Established habits play a significant role in achieving your fitness goals. It would be silly not to consider how old habits affect our current efforts. 


For example, exercising in a group setting can be intimidating if you are introverted. If it feels difficult to commit to, you probably will not fall in love with exercise overnight. However, if you do thrive on the energy of others, then group fitness is a superb option since it involves a community that encourages one another. 


But here's the reality...


Some will never fall in love with fitness, and this is why finding your groove is so crucial. Once you get moving, body chemistry will kick in and the chemical response to exercise will be enough to keep you motivated. 


Remember: if you want to fall in love with a plan, it takes three weeks of consistency. When the benefits outweigh the effort, you know you’re onto something. 


Relying on Body Chemistry 

There are a handful of chemicals your body releases during and after a workout that encourage you to stay with it.


  1. Endorphins: a.k.a. the runner’s high.
  2. Testosterone: impacts a woman’s libido and fertility.
  3. Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Lack of HGH can lead to depression.
  4. Serotonin: a feel-good chemical that stabilizes mood and regulates sleep.
  5. Dopamine: Increases feelings of motivation and pleasure.


During sex, eating, and exercising, endorphins are released. People often forget to exercise when considering how to cope with their day-to-day lives. 


But it should be the first option since eating your stress is not a sustainable solution to heavy emotions or daily pressure. Running off your anger will prove much more beneficial than sex or eating. If you stick to a gym routine, your body will learn to recognize fitness as a means to release tension that has lasting benefits.


All we're saying is to give your body chemistry a chance to work its magic. 


Plus, the payout doubles if you consider how meeting goals boosts feelings of confidence and quality of life. 


And For Those Who Will Never Enjoy a Gym Session...

If you genuinely cannot stand working out, keep sessions short but regular. And much like we said before, it is all about perspective. To illuminate , if your goal is weight loss, you’re likely to get frustrated. Successfully losing weight is about 70 percent accountable to diet, not exercise. Shift your reason for heading to the gym to be about longevity, emotional regulation, a sense of accomplishment, or an outlet for uncomfortable feelings. It gives you more incentive to continue, more so than looking at a scale (which may disappoint you) after some grueling weeks of following a plan you despised in the first place. 


You find your groove in the gym by finding a routine that allows you to feel accomplished at the end of it. This routine will meet physical needs and time constraints. 


One final tip: just because a method is popular doesn't mean it will work out. Keep your current habits in mind, making subtle adjustments to your life that encourage you to form new, more productive habits.