• The Stigma Around Mental Health

    The Stigma Around Mental Health

    Anyone who has had experience with mental illness, personally or professionally, can tell you that despite advances in psychiatry and psychology, there is a great deal of stigma that remains. One needs to only think of the book and movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to get a feel for that stigma. The field of mental health has made some distance since that time, but the stigma continues to be a reality. Types of Stigma The stigma associated with mental illness can be divided into two types: social stigma, which involves the prejudiced attitudes that others have around mental...

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  • 9 Reasons Your Girlfriends are the Most Important People In Your Life

    9 Reasons Your Girlfriends are the Most Important People In Your Life

    Growing up, my mom always seemed to have an endless supply of girlfriends. It seemed as if wherever she went and whatever she did, she would walk away with a new friend. And not just a “fast friend” or someone she would ultimately lose touch with. She found lifers. People who to this day, would still do just about anything for her. Every weekend, she’d have card club, or Bunko (do people still play Bunko?!), get-togethers with old college friends or high school friends, bowling on Mondays and happy hour on Tuesdays. If there was an occasion, she was there. I should...

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  • 11 Budget Skincare Products that are Actually Worth Using

    11 Budget Skincare Products that are Actually Worth Using

    Buying skincare doesn't have to take it's toll on your bank balance, there are plenty of impeccable formulas out there that won't make your wallet cry... 1. The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil If you want a cleanser that removes every last speck of makeup, nourishes sensitive skin and is cruelty-free, look no further. The lightweight silky oil dissolves makeup (yup, even waterproof formulas), then emulsifies to a milk when you add water, meaning it's quick and easy to use. 2. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Yes, the name is kinda confusing, but here's what you need to know…...

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  • Flattering Your New Body: 7 Tips for Clothes Shopping After Weight Loss

    Flattering Your New Body: 7 Tips for Clothes Shopping After Weight Loss

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    Significant weight loss is a major accomplishment, whether you’ve lost it naturally or through weight loss surgery. Each pound you shed and inch you lose is a reason to celebrate. Buying new clothes after weight loss surgery is an exciting part of losing weight, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming and often expensive. Here are some tips to make finding your post weight loss wardrobe a breeze. 1. Discover Your New Body Type Your body will look and feel different as you progress through different stages of weight loss. Your new shape may have some similarities to your old figure,...

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  • Detox Your Home, Detox Your Mind

    Detox Your Home, Detox Your Mind

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    Self care isn’t just about what we can do inwardly! It’s also about extending that same attention to our immediate surroundings.

    Sure, you’ve heard all about clean eating, but what about clean living? Considering how much time we spend in the great indoors, it kind of makes sense to give your space some all-natural love and attention. But if the idea of scrubbing your home with baking soda os a little too out-there for you, don’t fret. Here, nine easy things you can do to reduce your exposure to toxins and make your home just a little bit healthier. 

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  • 9 Self Care Strategies to Help Prevent Stress

    9 Self Care Strategies to Help Prevent Stress


    Many people think of stress as unpleasant situations in their lives. For some, it may be how their boss treats them. For others it may be a physical condition such as an illness or a death in the family. Actually stress is our response to these situations, not the situations themselves. Challenging life situations happen to all of us. The more energy and vitality we have, the more easily we meet and adapt to challenging situations. These 9 healthy lifestyle habits build a natural foundation of energy and vitality. They help us become more resilient to the challenges of life....

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