• Carb Cycling: How It Will Help You Burn Fat

    Carb Cycling: How It Will Help You Burn Fat

    Many people think that losing weight means going without a lot of foods, and the foods that you're not supposed to eat. In many people's minds, are those that provide a lot of carbohydrates. This seems to be a reaction to the "carbo loading" and exercising craze of about 15 years ago. The problem with this thinking is that it's just wrong. We need to get caloric intake from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; if we get out of balance with these, we could jeopardize our health. But, there's still the problem of losing weight--and yes, many people truly do need...

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  • Stress Reducing Tips To Boost Weight Loss

    Stress Reducing Tips To Boost Weight Loss

    Weight gain is accelerated by poor diet, lack of physical activity and stress. While most people understand the impact of food and exercise when beginning a weight loss program, most don't consider stress as a significant factor. Stress exerts a powerful physiological effect that fuels abdominal fat storage and inflammation throughout the body. Stress Leads to Inflammation and Weight Gain Information published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that higher levels of stress result in more weight gain, and the pounds were more likely to be stored as dangerous belly fat. Stress hormones such as cortisol are released in response to...

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  • Reclaim Your Life, Take a 24hr Day for Self Care

    Reclaim Your Life, Take a 24hr Day for Self Care

    When was the last time you took a day just for yourself? If you're a small business owner or anyone else for that matter, you answer is probably never. Essentially an Extraordinary Self-care Day is taking one 24-hour period where you take care of yourself. You do no work at all. I know, I can hear your protest. I protested too when I first heard this idea "But you don't understand, I have to check my voicemail, I have to return phone calls, I have to answer my emails and on and on." I protested in my very best entrepreneurial...

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  • Restoring Gut Health After Antibiotic Use

    Restoring Gut Health After Antibiotic Use

    The first antibiotic, Penicillin, was discovered in 1928 by a Scottish biologist named Sir Alexander Fleming while he was experimenting on influenza virus. He found that a common fungus, Penicillium notatum, can control the growth or kill certain kinds of bacteria. He named this newly discovered substance Penicillin, which successfully treated some deadly bacterial infections like syphilis, gangrene, and tuberculosis. These days, most antibiotics are synthetic though they are usually chemically related to natural antibiotics. Antibiotics are of great value because they combat infections, save millions of lives, and are not harmful to normal body cells. However, they have their...

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  • Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein From?

    Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein From?

    One of the biggest questions vegans get asked is "where do you get your protein from?" This question gets asked all the time. Everyone seems to think that a vegan diet lacks protein, which is not true. So where do vegans get their protein from? Mention a vegan diet to anyone (other than vegetarians and vegans) and they'll say "where do you get your protein from?" This is a question asked over and over again. Yet ask why we need protein and not many people know. Why do we need protein? Protein is vital for our bodies for just about...

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  • What Feeling Good Truly Means

    What Feeling Good Truly Means

    We talk about "feeling good" all the time. We often say to ourselves: " I just want to feel good" or "I just want to feel better." Or maybe we say: "I just want to be happy." In each of these instances, we're asking for the same state of well-being. Yet, what does this "feel good" state really consist of? I've realized that self-love is the primary ingredient to "feeling good." Self-love is based in self-acceptance and results in self-care. If you want to feel good, you must first be willing to accept every part of yourself. You then must...

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