Big Energy Requires Weekly Resets, Follow These 10 Steps!

Big Energy Requires Weekly Resets, Follow These 10 Steps!

by Body Complete Rx
 This one is for our material girls. Actually, it's for all our girls, because everyone should absolutely take one, or seven days of the week to unpack, recenter, and pamper themselves.
Big Energy can’t exist without rest, and that's a fact. 


#1 Prep Your Breakfast Smoothie & a Gut-Friendly Dinner to You Wake Up Feeling Your Best

Then clean that Kitchen and Shut it Down Early!!

We're basically saying, get done what you need to do in the kitchen, then rope it off. Why are we saying this? First, who wants to clean dishes at the end of the day? Not a single person. Who enjoys waking up to a sparkling kitchen and making coffee on a workday? Everybody. Clean spaces reduce visual noise and improve mood. 
Do this by investing some time earlier on in ‘reset day’ to prep some yummy breakfast smoothies for then and the beginning of the work week. 


Body Complete RX

Need inspiration? Try one of our recipes:

Since you’re already in the kitchen why not whip up some anti-pasta, salad, and sandwiches for dinner later on? Store them and then wipe down your kitchen until it glistens. We like cleaning products that are scented with essential oils. (Smells can have quite a powerful effect on our moods.)

#2 Set the Bed...Hotel Style

woman making bed

This one has five easy steps: get out fresh linens, make the bed, steam the sheets, fluff the pillows, and fold down the duvet. Bam, you’ve reached rich auntie status. 

#3 Iron Monday’s Outfit, Pick out Your Accessories

You're already steaming your sheets so go ahead and bust out the iron. Nothing feels more luxurious than a crisp top on a Monday morning. 


#4 Do Something that Encourages an Emotional Release

This one is your basics. It's vital that you allow yourself to vent and then release the emotions that may have been sitting on the back-burner throughout the previous week. Try journaling, exercising, following your bedtime routine, and even crying if you need to. This evening is all about you, queen. 


#5 Do Something that Makes You Smile

Dancing in your underwear anyone? No really, use this time to cradle your inner child. Watch funny videos, take your dog for a walk, call your siblings, or even write a letter to yourself to open next week!

#6 Do Something that Makes You Feel Powerful 

Find your flow. Only in repeated moments where you’re engaged, concentrating, and feeling accomplished will you truly step into your power. 

#7 Drink Your MF*ing Water

Excuse our language, but for clear skin's sake, how are you going to wake up absolutely radiant otherwise? There’s no such thing as a dehydrated baddie. 

#8 Exfoliate and Moisturize

A thorough skincare routine rivals a trip to the spa any day for us. Plus, exfoliating on a reset day feels kinda symbolic to us— scrubbing off the fatigue, and busyness of the week before. 

Then it's time to apply your Body Complete Rx Glow Serum Drops.


#9 Stop Scrolling and Self-Pleasure

We scroll because it’s addicting, and most things that are addicting are so because they’re pleasurable. Wanna stop falling asleep scrolling through social?


Black Woman in Tub


Then you should replace that act with one that is more beneficial. (Masturbation is super helpful for your health, don’t believe us, read this article we just wrote…)


An Active Sex Life Reaps Surprising Benefits for Women, but There's a Catch

#10 Play a Guided Sleep Meditation and Drift Off in the Right Energy


Woman meditating  

Meditating doesn’t require fancy or expensive equipment, but man is it a challenging practice to pick up. That’s why we always recommend sampling guided meditation. When you have a gentle voice in your ear giving you a focal point and kind instruction— then it’s not such an unnerving thing to try.

By Staff Writer, Klarrisa Arafa