Your Body is Not a Project to Fix or “Get Back To”

Your Body is Not a Project to Fix or “Get Back To”

by Body Complete Rx

“One day I’ll get back to the weight I was in my twenties…” Raise your hand if you’ve ever stepped into the closet and used this line to justify keeping something that couldn't be pulled up past your knees. 

Don’t be shy now, we know we aren’t the only ones.

“I’ll keep these jeans because one day I’ll get back to my __________weight.

Fill in the blank with any of the below:

  1. pre-pregnancy 
  2. before I was married
  3. highschool 
  4. wedding
  5. before the accident
  6. College
  7. extended honeymoon
  8. pre-diagnosis 
  9. etc.


The stages we go through as we grieve an old identity are complex. But we've got exciting news... Cycling into more evolved stages, like self-acceptance, can be utter bliss if you're determined.


Are You Willing to Release Yourself from Impossible Expectations?

When individuals begin hoarding clothes for the not-so-far-off day when they’ll wear them again—that’s the denial stage. But guess what? Nothing is permanent. Nothing is guaranteed. Throw those jeans out. Find a pair that makes you feel like that b! tch, and move it along. 


Now, we know it is a bit more complicated than that. But we want to invite you to consider it like burning your ex's clothes after a breakup. Sometimes you need something symbolic (and drastic) to signal change is happening.


Hoarding Too-Small Clothes is a Sign of Oppression

Holding onto too small clothing is also a symptom; stemming from a lack of self-compassion, confidence, or information. We as women have been conditioned to believe that our worth is determined by our bodies and our unwillingness to let go of the cute skinny jeans highlights it. 


Need a little more than an edgy statement? 


Ever heard about pretty privilege, colorism, fatphobia, etc.? If you have, then you’ve seen how body image carries monetary value. Remember when Viola Davis became a millionaire? Yeah, that took much longer than it did her non-Black counterparts. Davis has played in more than 54 films and is hailed as the entertainment industry's triple threat. Despite her voluminous success, she still didn't make this 2022 list's top 15 richest actresses


Our point is appearances certainly (and unfairly) play a part in life. But we want to encourage you to refuse to be yet another person placing impossible expectations upon yourself. 


Black women owned wellness brands


Of course, you want to look your best. The priority before appearances should be feeling your best. Prioritizing mental health, nurturing beneficial lifestyle habits, and eating a nutrient-dense diet took people closer to their goals than a 12-week shred plan ever did. 


You won't need to be hard on yourself about this process. We have all been there, in that unhelpful mindset. It is not uncommon for people of all sizes to fold up too-small clothing and store it away for a later, "better day." 


TDLR; Just know you are not alone in struggling to shake off generations of repressive beauty standards.


Immediately Donate Those Two Sizes, Too Small Jeans and Buy Your Size

What if you could let go of the negative perception surrounding your body image and be confident in whatever size? Give yourself permission, and you'll instantly be more engaged and fulfilled in life.


Look at it this way: fashion and style change all the time, and so will you.


You should never be afraid to wear clothing that allows you to feel confident in your current shape. No matter how much weight you gain or lose, the body is a living vessel and should be treated with respect. Consider not only those reasons above but also— that you owe it to yourself to experience life rather than living in a constant state of anticipation of meeting a goal.


Pro-tip? If you need a size or two up or down but lack a new wardrobe budget, search on your Facebook, Eventbrite, or even Google: local clothing swaps. It's a perfect solution for revamping an ill-fitting wardrobe and saving money. Clothing swaps also help keep clothing castoffs out of landfills and the ocean. 


It never hurts to remind our ladies that they (you) are capable of whatever they(you) want at whatever size they(you) are. We hope this article did just that. One final reminder! As the holidays approach, we want to encourage prioritizing healthy, sustainable mindsets over extreme diets and juice detoxes…


Follow us. We’ll be here to support you throughout the journey.