7 New Ways to Season Chicken

7 New Ways to Season Chicken


Taste the flavors from around the world every day this week with our international list of 7 different ways to season (and prepare) chicken. 

Let's get cooking!

1. Seasoning Chicken The French Way 

Herbs are the secret for capturing the mouth-watering flavors of French cooking. To season your chicken the French way you’ll need a pinch of rosemary, a sprinkling of thyme, and a dash of sage. Oh, and of course butter, which the french prefer to olive oil when basting their chicken. 

Try this recipe for poulet roti from Mon Petit Four.



2. Seasoning Chicken The Turkish Way 

Aleppo Peppers and Yogurt make up the secret sauce for Turkish Kebabs. A colorful marinade of oregano, tomato paste, lemon juice, garlic, red wine vinegar, Aleppo peppers, olive oil, and a thick yogurt coat generous cubed chicken for at least 4 hours before grilling. 

You can try this Turkish Chicken Kebabs recipe from cooking school Rouxbe 

3. Seasoning Chicken The Ivorian Way

This dish is inviting, succulent, and relatively simple. The key ingredients for this chicken dish are a dutch oven (or earthen cookware with a tight-fitting lid), ginger, and the chickens’ own juices. Kedjenou Chicken requires one more special ingredient... shaking the pan every 5-10 minutes (so nothing sticks but also it’s just fun, and it’s tradition.) Kedjenou in the Baoulé language means to move or shake! 

Try this recipe from AfricanBites.com.

4. Seasoning Chicken The Korean Way 

KFC doesn’t stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken in this case, rather, it stands for Korean Fried Chicken (of course!) Ordinarily this dish is double fried and paired with beer, but the secret to achieving an authentic flavor is all in the sauce. 

For genuine KFC you’ll need the key ingredient: paste, more specifically Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste.) Which if you want a truly authentic experience you’ll need to order online or pick-up at a specialty store. But if you just want to take a quick stab at seasoning your own you can make this gochujang-inspired paste. 

Spicy, savory, and slightly sweet this recipe calls for soy miso paste (you can use chickpea miso paste to make it vegan), Korean Chili Flakes, coconut aminos, maple syrup, garlic, and water. Get the full recipe on MinimalistBaker.com.

Once you have the sauce ready you can follow this finger-licking KFC recipe from MyKoreanKitchen.com.


5. Seasoning Chicken The Hungarian Way

For this recipe to work you have to get this one ingredient spot-on: a quality sweet or hot Hungarian paprika. The spice gives the dish it’s smokey right off the grill flavor and you can’t make Hungarian Chicken Paprikash without it. 

Chicken Paprikash uses some other interesting ingredients like sour cream, egg noodles, and onion to make a satisfyingly belly-filling chicken dish. And keep in mind the fresher your ingredients are, the better your chicken will be.

You can try The New York Times Cooking recipe, here. 

6. Seasoning Chicken The Ghanaian Way

Fufu is a staple in West African and Caribbean cuisine. Made of plantains, cassava, yams, or malanga, it’s not actually a chicken seasoning but tops African or Caribbean Chicken (or beef or lamb) Stews. We think it is the perfect dish to keep you warm this fall. 

Learn how to make traditional Fufu from TasteAtlas.com.

Try this Fufu with chicken pepper stew from www.diabetes.org.uk.

Or try making the Fufu with yams and pair with a Caribbean stew from TheSpruceEats.com.

7. Seasoning Chicken The Peruvian Way

If you like your chicken with a zesty heat, flavor, and heavenly crunchy skin you’ll want to try this recipe for Pollo a la Brasa or spit-grilled chicken. But you’ll need Aji Amarilla and Aji Panca (Peruvian chile pastes) to capture the flavor-profile of this Latin American dish accurately. 

Try this recipe from New York Times Cooking for Peruvian Roasted Chicken With A Spicy Cilantro Sauce.