Raise your hands if this is you-- you decide that you want to take your fitness journey seriously so you mark you calendar with the day you’re going to start. Then you go to the office, and for some reason, your boss, coworker or friend brings the very thing you said you would give up and you can’t resist it! -- “I will start again on Sunday!” -- I don’t know about y’all but I could relate to that 100% -- especially before starting keto. I did not want to keep repeating that cycle of eating and regretting right after, so I was so thankful when I came across the body complex kit.

The BODY Complete RX Kit comes with the “ultimate kit for those looking to reboot and reclaim their health”. Their kit provides drops that make sugar craving almost non-existent! The kit comes with a drop which focuses on appetite suppression (Slim ER Drops), and another drop that supplies the body with B-12 (Ultra B-12 Drops) which supports energy, healthy nervous tissue and healthy skin!  Fun fact, but did you know that the vitamin B-12 is crucial to the proper functioning of the cells?! This is because it is literally needed for the production of red blood cells! Take your Vitamin B-12 babes!

Their kit also comes with detox pills to rid your body of all the junk. Before getting my  BODY Complete RX Kit, I would be overwhelmed with how to detox, what to take and if I was even doing it right. Now, I don’t worry about that. The body complex does all the work for me. You know how it is when you are about to diet so you binge eat all your favorite junk food, haha. Detoxing makes sure that your body is in the right state to execute an effective diet.

If you are like me and you want products you can trust and products that do their jobs, try out the BODY Complete RX Kit. I absolutely LOVE their Slim ER Protein! I add it to my shakes and it has no after taste. I love the ease of having these products because I can incorporate them into my routine and not stress about how I’m going to get sufficient vitamins and nutrients.


For more details about their products and finding kits and products catered to you personally, check out their website, BODY Complete RX!

Overall summary about the products (and kit):

  • One month supply comes with (60 pills) of Slim-ER w/ENERGY BOOSTER

  • The kit also includes Slim ER Drops and  Ultra B-12 Drops

  • The products in the kit help curb cravings, suppress appetite and Vitamin B-12

  • Suitable for vegans, 25 minerals and vitamins

  • Lose up to 10 POUNDS in A MONTH

  • I LOVE IT!!! (and I hope you do too)