Two Basic Habits of the Crazy Rich

Two Basic Habits of the Crazy Rich


Are you manifesting financial freedom with the mindset of someone living pay-check to pay-check?

CNBC expresses that the “average person thinks wealth is a privilege and the rich don’t.”They don’t wake up thinking “today I want to be financially stable,” they have it in their head they have a right to be so. So, if the rich think money is “a right” what do they do that’s different from someone who isn’t born into money? Can their habits be adopted? According to Business Insider, those with a financial advantage are in that position because they, “practice different habits or display heightened traits that help them build wealth.”


Rich People Sleep Better 

A lot of successful people are notorious early-risers who sleep the minimum amount of hours, but here’s the thing, they sleep better. 

“Same, same but different,” I couldn’t think of a better time to use this saying. 

People who make a considerable amount of money tend to work longer days and still run through some quality sleep cycles in less time. Those living beyond the poverty line are also getting less sleep— but what’s detrimental in this equation is the quality of rest. Depending on where someone lives they may experience light pollution, loud neighbors, or busy neighborhoods. 

Forbes looked at the habits of 22 successful people and found these stats:


  • 27 percent sleep 7-8 hours
  • 27 percent sleep 6-7 hours
  • 32 percent sleep 5-6 hours

What do those stats mean for you? As you work your way up the financial ladder it pays to take care of your health and wellness. How can you expect yourself “get rich” when you’re working the same hours as a rich person with half the amount of energy that they have?  

How to sleep like the rich: Investing in a room humidifier, white noise, and black-out curtains can change the entire game for the quality of sleep you get. Less sleep can be compensated with the addition of better quality. Studies back quality as the key to increasing productivity and stamina. 

“Decent sleep quality could improve your mood better than quantity…” explains The Community for Sleep Care Professionals. “Since uninterrupted sleep allows you obtain the optimal amount of restful and restorative sleep.”

You didn’t ask, but Kim Kardashian reportedly begins her day anywhere between 5:30 and 6 in the morning. We’re guessing her sleep hygiene is top level. 


Successful People Aren’t Lazy, They Manage Their Emotions


“You can say a lot of things about me, but you cannot say I don’t work hard. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t act. But I am not lazy.” Kim Kardashian for Interview Magazine 


You heard it from the GOAT, the woman who made it onto Forbes World's Billionaires List, with reality television and shape-wear. She’s not lazy and I would argue she’s not untalented either. 


What is Considered Being Lazy and What’s it Have to do with Emotions?

We want to quickly point out that procrastination and laziness are not the same things. Laziness is not wanting to work or make an effort. If someone wants success handed to them but doesn’t want to lift a finger, that’s laziness. 

Procrastination, on the other hand, shouldn’t automatically be written off as laziness. When you put off something you want to do but feel “unable” to begin or continue that’s procrastination and that’s all mental. 

I stumbled upon a woman on IG who put it clearly: 

“Most people don’t know procrastination is an emotional management problem, not a time management problem.” @withcoachgrace on IG


There are other things to consider as well, are you putting off doing something because it’s not aligning with what you want? If you don’t truly want something of course you’re not going to be motivated.

To summarize if you want to become financially well off you need to know your general direction, and most importantly learn how to manage your emotions (e.g., imposter syndrome or anxiety). Being rich means making the necessary daily effort. Every day the amount of effort you put in will fluctuate and that’s okay. If you’re feeling stressed one day and can only put in twenty minutes of concentrated work, that’s a-okay. 

If you skipped to the end this is all you need to know: tend to your mental health, unlearn unproductive habits, and sleep well to maximize the hours in the day.