Would You Try This UK, Plant-Based Milk Trend?

Would You Try This UK, Plant-Based Milk Trend?


There are already so many non-dairy, lactose-free, plant-based milk brands on the market, and apparently, someone thought we were missing one. We’re dying to know if you would try this new plant-based milk trend

(Ready to find out what it is?) 


It’s potato milk. Yup, we bet you weren’t expecting that one. According to UK Supermarket Chain, Waitrose is the year of potato milk is upon us. 


Waitrose predicts in their 2022 Food and Drink Report that potato milk will become the most popular plant-based milk alternative this year, says Forbes.


When you think about it, it makes no more sense than rice milk, but some of us really mess with that stuff. Still...I can’t get over the part that DRINKING POTATOES is trending in the UK. Picture this, I turn to my roommate and say, “Hey let’s not have baked potatoes tonight. Let’s have a side of potato milk with our mac n’ cheese instead.” I mean really!


Okay ok, let me stop being dramatic. I'm actually excited to try this trend. I’m a sucker for anything novel, (like the rest of us lactose intolerant foodies.) 


Anyways, whether you think it’s weird or intriguing it’s going to be a spell (if at all) before this plant-based vegan trend hits the US market. We’ll have to wait and see if this trend makes it across the pond and stateside in the next couple of years. 


But if you are dying to try the newest Swedish milk trend, you can make it on your own. This link will take you to our favorite recipe.


Peep these reviews we found:

"Love its creamy and very subtle sweet taste, perfect in your hot drinks, cereal, and/or in baking! I've tried them all and they all work! Makes a wicked latte too... Absolutely love this!!" -Woman and Home


The foam holds incredibly well, and “creamy” is an understatement in terms of the texture. The flavour itself is incredible — for the most part. If you taste just the foam, you get some of that muted pea protein flavour in the background. But let it sit for a second and taste the drink as a whole, and everything balances out to make way for a very neutral milk that celebrates the coffee’s flavour notes.” -The Vegan Review


I tried Dug's potato milk and found it pretty neutral and inoffensive in most forms, but I couldn't stomach it in my coffee — it somehow tasted like fish to me. -Rochell Hoise for Business Insider


"potato milk, soon to be followed by brussel sprout milk, milk made from gravel and milk made from nettles. wow no cow!" -BBB, Refinery 29  commenter



Wanna hear more? Here’s why the potatoes marketers are saying try it:

Potato milk is…

  • More farmland and environment friendly.
  • ½ a cup would contain 1.1g of fiber. Cow’s milk contains no fiber.
  • Takes less water than almonds to grow, 56 percent less water.
  • Potato milk is low in saturated fat and allergen-free.
  • It’s incredibly creamy and who doesn’t love creamy milk?

To sum it up, it's answer the dreams of most environmentalist milk drinker dreams!


Potato Milks US ‘premiere’ on The Doctors



“…it’s good, kinda like a potato smoothie.”


So would you try it or is potato milk a little too ‘wtf’ for you? Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all think each plant-based option that pops onto the market is wild at first. So, is this latest dairy-free milk option really all that strange? Answer this in the comments below: has the market expanded too far?


Personally, the more options I see are better for me—I love to see it!