Can Coconut & Lemon Oil Lighten Dark Spots?

Can Coconut & Lemon Oil Lighten Dark Spots?


In a nutshell, yes, and no— you could use coconut oil and lemon oil to lighten dark spots or treat uneven skin tone. Let's break it down. 

Lemon Oil and Skin Whitening


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Citric acid and limonene are two of the natural properties in lemon oil that make it so effective for skin whitening. The terpene limonene comes from the peel of a lemon. [Modern medicine has used limonene for quite a while now to reduce skin barrier resistance through transdermal drug delivery.]


Those with sensitive skin, however, should be cautious when first using skin products containing limonene because it could irritate them.


The other star ingredient in lemon oil is its citric acid. Due to citric acid's ability to cause the skin to peel, you can get rid of the discolored epidermis quicker. Basically, if you experience hyperpigmentation, peeling is a beneficial process.


Coconut Oil and Hyperpigmentation 

Coconut oil may have some benefits for your skin, but they're inconclusive. Natural remedies lack a lot of research, but what's out there is promising. In some studies, researchers found a connection between coconut oil and collagen production. In their examination, researchers discovered that increased collagen could reduce dark spots on the skin faster and may even out skin depressions caused by scarring.


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Another advantage of using coconut oil is its anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes and irritation caused by free radicals


The oil is also loaded with vitamin E, and it helps the skin retain moisture throughout the day. In the end, coconut oil is a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory carrier oil for skin lightening lemon oil – if not a proven dark spot treatment itself.