Welcome to the BODYCOMPLETE RX 2020 Water Bottle Roster

Today we’re rounding up quality content for you— a list of water bottles you may just need in your life. Remember, drinking water is important; especially, if you want to eliminate excess water weight, stay at peak performance, and boost mental clarity. So here’s 2020, bringing you the best in hydration, shakes, supplements, and style. Trust me, you want to know what the bottle roster has in store for you. 

The Glass Water Bottle You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Meet the Spiked Swiss Bank 1L, bottle. A bold name for a bold water bottle. Carrying around a glass water bottle is nerve racking enough, just for the sake of fresher tasting water. Well, problem solved; you don’t have to worry with bkr’s spiked edition bottles, you’ve got a little more protection. The added bonus of baddie status is all in the metallic sheen.

Meeting Function and Dedication 

For 2020, Best for Functional Design, we chose one close to home. Our own. For easy access to all of you BODYCOMPLETE RX supplements. The pill case feature, takes this standard shaker body shape to a new ‘functional’ level. You’re not going miss your routine because you forgot the supplements at home. One BODYCOMPLETE RX user, describes it as great for her shifts as a nurse and great at keeping her on regime. Sleek logo, check. Clear durable plastic, check. This water bottle is a no-brainer for getting the job done. 

Ultimate Hydration Jug

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Gone are the days of carrying around a used milk jug sloshing around with water you have to chug. Blender Bottles lesser known line; the Koda, takes over with 2.2 Liters of water chugging capacity. Keep in mind if you’re a regular Blender Bottle fan the Koda, sports thinner plastic walls to keep the bottles ½ gallon sleek design. 

The Ultimate Statement Water Bottle 

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The 1980s and 1990s, have sauntered into the new decade coupled with an architectural modern flare. This bottle says it all. Don’t like drinking water? Well I bet you’ll want to carry around this water bottle, so you can do just that. Comfortable grip and double walled insulation makes this bottle top quality. Who wouldn’t want a mod British bottle. 

Collapsible Silicone 

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Burning Bright in Pantone’s 2019 Color of the year, Living Coral, I bet this collapsible 20 oz. bottle could handle all of your 2020 berry smoothies, keto ice coffees, and large ice waters. Drink. Rinse. Store away. This is the bottle that knows how to give you space when you need it, and who doesn’t love a good monotone color scheme.


The Water Bottle for Your Next Board Room Meeting 

This one is named after the international paper size A6 and it’s kind of really great. Tuck it away in your portfolio, handbag, or back pocket with no bulk. Plus,, sells sleek leather accessories and covers for their uniquely flask-like water bottles. I can only imagine how much bulk this would save me in my backpack. 

Best Dressed Bottle 

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I love a good brand collaboration and Poketo and Corkcicle got this one right. This 16oz. Canteen features a geometric shape and a medium brim. Finished off with chunky brush strokes and popping colors. 

Enjoy your fitness journey with the best gear! 



---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer