Historically, diet culture has left us with cupboards full of synthetic ingredients. Attempting to alter the human body to a fat-burning machine no matter what it took to get there. That’s the way of the decade past. Yet with the turn of the new decade, the mainstream wellness industry is shifting.


We are seeking to bio-hack our bodies, to take full control of our bodies. We want deep sleep, productive days, we want to zap away those pesky afternoon headaches. We understand that Tylenol may not be the answer we are looking for. A calorie is not just a calorie anymore and there’s a such thing as ‘good’ fat. We want to solve the root cause.


Charting out your wellness goals for 2020 is almost a ritual at this point, but are you setting yourself up for failure? We know you understand whole nutrition and the importance of feeding your bodies beneficial ingredients; after-all you’re here on the Body Complete RX, blog. Where we dish up only the most body beneficial topics and product down-lows for your complete wellness. We have a question for you though, do you really know your body?


Even with the massive availability of health and wellness information, not all information is ‘one-size fits all.’ Health isn’t a standardized test. It isn’t just calories-in or calories out, it’s about over-all wellness. This kind of fat feeds your brain, this much water means your body doesn’t carry the excess water, etc.


There’s a strong need for a holistic approach to well-being. Like we mentioned earlier, Tylenol may treat this round of chronic headaches but what’s causing them? This is where functional medicine enters the scene.


A biology-born approach, Functional Medicine, aims to understand the underlying cause of the symptoms. When it comes to understanding the deep inner workings of the body, hormones become a key player in holistically approaching the body.


As Women of color, hormones are something that are worth taking a deep-dive into. Black women are more likely to experience a higher rate of hormone based problems; like estrogen dominance, preterm birth, infertility, and uterine fibroids. While it might be culturally more normal to seek medical information from friends and family, seeking a hormone panel from a medical professional is going to change the game for your well-being and the next-generation of family. Knowing your body is having power over wellness propaganda and pharmaceutical companies.


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Experiencing issues loosing weight or intense tiredness? A full analysis of a comprehensive metabolic panel might need special attention ( how your body uses energy.) Think, liver and kidney function, or blood sugar levels, fluid and electrolyte balance. The Thyroid panel could also reveal tale-tell signs for symptoms hammering your lifestyle. Responsible for regulating the bodies metabolic processes, if this guy is imbalanced it could affect your PMS, Fluid retention, weight-gain, blood flow, etc.


A full hormone panel will look beyond a standardized lab panel. While your test results might not receive any flags, going over your percentages and markers with a health-care professional might just reveal the imbalances your body is reacting too. Bodies are sensitive systems that we can manipulate to optimal fitness and function if we have the right information.


There is no one size fit-all remember that. So while you might not need prescription medicine, knowing your prone to anemia is an easy fix. Up your iron intake, whether that’s through supplements or whole nutrition. Having access to your hormone charts allows you to adjust your holistic wellness plans, with easy conversation between a health care professional and yourself.


With the cultural phenomena, of black Americans being more likely to seek advice from family and friends than a health care professional. It could be frustrating to entertain that idea of relying on modern medicine for your holistic approach to wellness. In all reality, a hormone panel might just help you work past physician bias and mistrust.’


 A deeply holistic look at your bodies composition without judgement and bias gives you the power to understand what you truly need. Empowering you to alter your day-to-day life for successful change that sticks. Getting ahead of those chronic headaches, introducing new dietary elements, and finding balance and harmony within your body. A hormone panel and it’s analysis is functional medicine. Your next steps could be taking your hormone panel results, and BODY COMPLETE RX products to a nutritionist and discussing how you can live your best life.


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Asking your health care provider or accessing an online at-home kit so you can start getting ahead of your health-care. Invested health-care providers will be able to help you find a way to get the testing covered by insurance. Other options can be purchased online with a little research you can find the at-home-mail-kit, right for you. 2020, is the year for you to take complete control of your wellness. Let’s start here on the BCRX Blog.



---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer