Six Steps To Improve Skincare Routine For Fall

Six Steps To Improve Skincare Routine For Fall


Dry autumn air can wreak just as much havoc as summer's sweat-clogged pores. As a result, our skin needs an improved routine as we prepare to say goodbye to this unbearably humid summer. However, prepping skin for the fall goes beyond new products you can buy. 


Our skin is our largest organ; we should nourish it from the inside out for the best skincare routine. Some of these six steps are how you can update your products, but steps two, five, and six aren't related to going to Ulta Beauty or Sephora. *Curious? Keep reading.*


Step One: Step Up Your Moisturizing Game


Rough patches on your face can happen with sudden weather changes; when cold weather hits, it's important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Lighter creams may be best in the summer, but thick and creamy wins out in the fall and winter. Even oily skin can benefit from rich seaweed gel creams or aloe vera facial gel


Step Two: Drink Water


You'll want to drink just as much water in the fall time as you would in the summer. You may not feel as thirsty without the sun beating down on you, but the body still needs its H2O. We know you know this one, but we wanted to include it because it's an absolute must and costs you nothing


Looking for tips to drink more water? Read our article, Drinking More Water Doesn't Need To Be Hard.


Step Three: Invest in a Skin Salve & Exfoliator 


If you couldn't prevent rough facial patches, you'll want a salve and a gentle exfoliator on hand. Be mindful we're referring to rough patches caused by dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis. Patches caused by actinic keratoses have no current proven treatment.


Moisturizing and exfoliation are a one-two punch for a successful fall and winter skincare. 


Quick shopping tip: Use creams containing Hydraulic acid to pull moisture from the air and replenish dry skin. Then, gently exfoliate to cleanse away dead skin cells that dull your complexion


Step Four: Add a Skin Brightening Toner and gentle Deep Cleaning Mask


Invest in gentle deep-cleaning solutions that repair skin damaged from summer-time frolicking. Try something like AprilSkin's soothing Calendula flower peel-off gel set. After cleaning, you'll want to use a toner to reset your skin. The skin Edit says foaming soaps are alkaline and throw off our skins' natural pH levels. Toners return your skin's pH levels to normal. 



Step Five: Beware of Carb-Rich Comfort Foods


Carbohydrate-heavy pasta, warm biscuits, and cheesy potatoes can change your hormonal balance. So let's do the math: fewer carbs means less inflammation. Less inflammation means no unattractive facial redness. 


Step Six: Buy a Humidifier


When it comes to keeping your skin moisturized, a humidifier is more effective than lotions and creams. Skincare products can't fix everything. For example, when you come home at night, your skin needs a break from the harsh dry winds. Space heaters don't offer relief from the dry winds outside; they, in fact, will strip your skin of its natural oils. This means your skin is not only drying out and exposed to free radicals while you're out living your life; but when you're home too. Using a humidifier will help your skin retain moisture indoors.