How CBD Balances Your Mind and Body During The First Two Weeks

How CBD Balances Your Mind and Body During The First Two Weeks

With a few personalized tweaks, Full-spectrum CBD could balance your mind and body, restoring you to your old self. While CBD works beautifully alone, it works exceptionally well when paired with holistic practices. For the best results, combine CBD with holistic practices & healthy lifestyle adjustments. We're going to walk you through how CBD can affect your mind and body during the first two weeks.

Why Take CBD? 

First, determine how you want to improve your life. For example, do you have trouble staying calm or feeling focused; CBD could help. Do you crumble under the weight of work? How often do you catch yourself wondering why you aren't out enjoying life? If this sounds like you, then use CBD to find relief. CBD, whether hemp or cannabis-derived, will interact with something called your endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

Roughly thirty years ago, it was discovered that humans have an endocannabinoid system, which is your body’s master regulator. This system affects and regulates stress levels & blood pressure, your energy, how you sleep, eat, relax, protect, and store memories, sexual function, fertility, and your appetite, amongst other things. With it handling so much, it’s important to keep it nourished and properly functioning which is where CBD comes in. We think CBD and your stressed-out endocannabinoid system are a match made in heaven.
Use full-spectrum CBD oil to achieve:

  • Better Moods
  • A Clearer Mind
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Appetite Control & Weight loss
  • Sexual Wellness & Sexual Function



What Does CBD Feel Like?

No, CBD doesn’t get you high like its THC cousin. Instead, it helps you relax & heal. Basically, CBD is like a vitamin for your overworked endocannabinoid system. 


Can CBD Improve Mood?

Frequent low moods could point to depression, anxiety, or chronic stress, but cannabidiols have shown promise in improving neural plasticity. According to The Essential Guide To CBD, cannabidiol could boost brain function and cell growth. For example, improving the neural plasticity of the hippocampus has a positive effect on regulating emotions, motivation, learning, and memory. CBD also lends a helping hand by triggering serotonin receptor 5-HTIA (antianxiety effect). Additionally, cannabidiols encourage the binding ability (producing a calming effect) of GABA-A receptors (central nervous system inhibitors.)


Does CBD Affect Stress?

REM Sleep and stress do not mix; in fact, poor REM Sleep (the rapid eye movement phase) results in all those “I forgot my pants,” and other anxious dreams. But within the first two weeks of CBD use, you could notice your stress levels decrease and lower blood pressure. 

In one cross-over study, 600 mg of cannabidiol oil positively interacted with the ECS to reduce participant’s resting BP. Being mindful of daily stressors and using CBD could have a positive effect on sleep quality and stress.  

How Does CBD Affect Sleep Quality?

You should notice improvements to REM sleep within your first week of use. Over the course of thirty days, CBD study participants noticed sky-rocketing improvements in sleep quality by up to 70 percent. 

However, take note that cannabidiol oil doesn't operate like traditional sleep aids. Instead of directly putting you to sleep, CBD "amplifies the GABA-A receptors to relax you." (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid or GABA-A  is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.) 

Your muscles also do a lot of repairs during REM sleep when your cortisol levels are lowest. Improving REM sleep could lead to more muscle growth. With regular use, CBD may cause more restful sleep. Better sleep allows your body to build muscle, and alleviate inflammation. Better sleep is a holistic approach to managing pain.

Getting quality sleep would sort out many people who feel biologically unbalanced. Inadequate sleep puts people at risk of "obesity, heart disease, and diabetes," says the NHS, whereas a solid night's rest has unignorable benefits, including extended life expectancy. The Essential Guide to CBD quotes a clinical trial where participants using CBD woke up 1.4 times less than the average 4.3 times a night. Completing the full sleep cycle means you're likely to feel and be healthier.



Tips for Improving Sleep Hygiene with CBD

Spend the first week of your journey experimenting with a CBD bedtime routine. 
  • Eliminate screen time before sleeping.
  • Make your room as dark as possible. 
  • Journal about what you’re worried about before going to bed. 

Good sleep hygiene invites your mind to become quiet. Once relaxed, CBD comes in for the assist and may help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep.

Does CBD Affect Energy Metabolism and Appetite?

Full-spectrum CBD could help you manage weight; suppressing your appetite, without all of the side effects of other appetite suppressants. Cannabidiol oil, and other products, also score bonus points by helping turn white fat cells into brown fat cells. Use CBD in conjunction with Body Complete Rx's products to see the best weight loss results. 

How Does CBD Affect Sexual Function and Fertility?

Research is scattered here; some say CBD decreased libido while others say it increased theirs. This is a prime example of how cannabidiols affect each person individually. Looking beyond libido, CBD could take the edge off sexual anxiety and allow for better performance.  

Sperm could get a boost from CBD, but women should be aware CBD could delay ovulation. Ladies, maybe you should leave the CBD for your partner to use while trying to conceive. Long-term studies of hemp-derived CBD and fertility are in the works, more benefits are yet to be uncovered.

Other Potential Side Effects in the First Two Weeks 

A Business Insider writer who tried CBD for a week wrote that he woke up feeling more at ease and less stiff. When you're new to cannabidiol oils, you may not feel all the good stuff up front. Your body takes time to acclimate to CBD. As you come to the end of week one, you may experience some undesirable but harmless side effects like:


  • Dry Mouth


  • Diarrhea


  • Headaches


Side effects should disappear as your body acclimates to the hemp-derived CBD product. Simple adjustments could get rid of side effects on day two.
The Business Insider writer we mentioned wrote that at first, he experienced fatigue. Inappropriate dosing could have caused our writers' side-effects. His doctor's recommendation was for him to take it at night, and we agree.

How To manage potential side-effects in the first two weeks 

Don't give up on CBD; rearrange how much (see dosing) and when. If you believe any severe reaction has occurred, stop use and talk to your doctor.
Full-spectrum CBD is not a medication. Cannabidiol products guide you toward better health and wellbeing. By calming stiff joints and muscles, CBD could allow you to be more mobile. By addressing chronic pain, volunteering at your community garden could be less uncomfortable. Managing pain could put hiking national parks back onto your bucket list. Full-spectrum CBD oil at lower doses could help:
  • Maintain health
  • Encourage more restful sleep


CBD Daily Living 


How To Figure Out CBD Dosing 

If you wouldn't rush sustainable lifestyle changes, don't rush the CBD acclimation period. Instead of instantly taking a full dose, we recommend starting low and slow. Be aware that CBD performs best cumulatively, taken over time.
A gradual approach is an easy way to determine what's best for you—everyone is unique. You may not have to increase your dosage to a full dropper. Listen to your body. More CBD doesn't always mean better results.
Stacking (using multiple CBD hemp-derived products as an approach to Integrative wellness) could increase health benefits. Finding your right stack provides you with the all-day relief you're seeking. We recommend you stack products around the second week, not the first. 



Stacking Cbd hemp-derived products could increase health benefits. Finding your right stack provides you with the all-day relief you're seeking. We recommend you stack products around the second or third week. 

Stacking Cbd Oil Premium Tinctures & Cbd Gummies

Begin with half a dropper of Cbd oil tincture in the morning. Let’s assume half a dropper is roughly 25 mg of Cbd. Next, take a vegan Cbd gummy ( let’s say it’s 50 mg) in the late afternoon. 
Why this stack may be for you: This is an excellent option for those who noticed benefits within the first week. However, your quick response could mean you are more sensitive to cannabidiols than others. 


Stacking Cbd Oil Premium Tinctures, Cbd Gummies, and Cbd Sleep Capsules

Generally, less Cbd will perk you up, and more Cbd will bring you a calm and focused mind. So work out your dosing to benefit you at the most impactful times. 

  • Take a gummy with your lunch. 

  • End your night with a sleep capsule.

This stack should offer around 150 mg of cannabidiol oil, depending on the brand you’re using. Using CBD all day long should help balance out what feels like all-day body malfunctions.  


Why this stack may be for you: your baseline dosage could be higher than others if you suffer from daily stress. We recommend trying this stack on or at the end of week two. 


Combining Your CBD Stack with Holistic and Healthy Lifestyles  

Try the listed practices, alongside CBD use to see even more health benefits.
  • Herbal teas before bed. Some soothing herbs include chamomile, valerian root, passionflower, or an ashwagandha tea latte.
  • Practice deep breathing first thing in the morning. Chinese practices like chi or prana focus on breath to balance and energize you with no extra supplements. 
  • Improve your sleep hygiene, and get better sleep.
  • Stay active in your leisure time. Head to the driving range, and blow off some steam. 
  • Try a plant-based diet to improve gut health. 
  • Volunteer and boost mood.

Integrative wellness is the most logical approach to modern health (or at least we think so.) We're so glad it's a mainstream approach to health these days. If you have questions, follow us on social media and send a direct message and comment.