Want To Enjoy the Flavors of 5 Star Dining at Home? Eat In-Season!

Want To Enjoy the Flavors of 5 Star Dining at Home? Eat In-Season!



When you think about foods traditionally eaten during the holiday season, you’re likely (unknowingly) listing off in-season fruits and vegetables. Early September is a rather diverse harvest and one of the best times to head to the farmer’s market. Every region has different peak produce harvest times. But regardless of where you are in the country- the leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables that everyone loves to see in their autumn spreads are abundant. 


Sure, eating seasonally has health benefits; it also makes your dishes taste like a 5-star restaurant. However, fruits and vegetables are more delicious (and nutrient-dense) when harvested in season. 


When crops are harvested early (out of season) then they lose nutritional value and lack flavor


Harvests are different depending on the state or region. For this article, we mention four states: Georgia (South), Minnesota (Upper Mid-West), Northern California (West), and North Carolina (South Eastern). You can use the four states to get a general idea of what is harvested within your area. We recommend checking out the Seasonal Food Guide if you’re interested in eating seasonally. There are a lot of people who swear by farm-to-table living as a lifestyle! But is it for you?


In Season Produce Georgia

Peanuts are available year-round but in September, Georgia is harvesting the nuttiest of the bunch. During this time, be on the lookout for homemade peanut butter at local farmer’s markets or grind your own at a specialty grocer. 



In Season Produce Minnesota 

Minnesota watermelons are in season for a short time: August and September. In comparison, North Carolina watermelons are harvested a month earlier: in July and August. Watermelon served at a labor day cookout in North Carolina is going to be missing some of their vibrant summer flavors; while watermelons served in the twin, cities will have a juicy, ripe flavor.  



In Season Produce North Carolina 

In North Carolina, Minnesota, and Northern California, you’ll have an abundance of fresh fruits for holiday pies. Fun fruits to try these next couple of months are quince, persimmons, figs, loquats, gooseberries, and Pawpaw. 





In Season Produce Northern California 

Early September means if you reside in Northern California, a plethora of seasonal goodies is available for dinner. Try adding fresh Sorrel and Purslane greens to your salad if you live in Northern California.