Should You Do An Ab Challenge To Get Your Stomach Tight?

Should You Do An Ab Challenge To Get Your Stomach Tight?



Can you in all honestly flatten your stomach in only 30 days? A lot of ‘ab challenges’ out there claim you can. But here’s a reality, you do not need to do a single abdominal workout to get a flat tummy. The road to a flat stomach leads right to the kitchen. Questions like how much fiber did I eat today and limiting carbs will do more for you than a 30-day ab challenge. 


A tight core is another story though, and if you do an ab challenge, it should have a strength focus, not weight loss. We should also mention it is more than okay to work out abs if you have belly fat. Some of the best ab workouts condition the entirety of your core, like planks, which will improve your posture. Good posture is attractive and slimming. 


Ab Challenges That Require You To Train Every Day Are Pointing You in the Wrong Direction


How often should you workout abs, really depends on your training schedule. Every other day would be much more ideal than every day. If you’re training your core muscles every single day, you’re not giving them adequate time to recover. Your abs are not unlike the rest of the muscles in your body. 


For the best results, core muscles need time to repair themselves and become sleek and sexy.  


Ab Challenges Should Not Cause Pain


Core work and Ab training should not hurt your lower back. If you decide to do a challenge, make sure you’re challenged, but it most certainly should not hurt. 


Let’s differentiate between your abs and core now. People want a six-pack and so the front abdominal muscles get most of the focus. But those Russian twists that give you a sexy v-cut are working the entire of your core/trunk muscles. This includes the:



If you suffer from back pain, an ab-challenge is just what you need. You’ll want to look for a program that incorporates exercises like pelvic tilts and lateral leg raises. Modify any move that doesn’t feel good. 


Lower Ab Workouts 


If reading the workout for day one makes you groan, it’s probably a good challenge. 


Exercises like bicycle crunches and the captains’ chair are some of the best and most effective abdominal workouts. And we’re not just saying that to sound good, the bicycle crunch was rated the most effective by researchers. Thus, a good training schedule will be crafted to include these killer trunk moves. Bonus points for these two as well because they work those lower abs and pelvic floor muscles that are commonly skipped. 


Also, let us drop a little sexy detail on you, pelvic floor muscles can improve your sex life says The National Health Service. Umm...yes, please. 


So, should you do an ab challenge to get your stomach tight?

One hundred percent, yes you should. Should you do an ab challenge and expect a flatter tummy? Probably not. If you’re looking for a flat stomach, look no further than your fridge and how often you make an effort to get out and walk or run. But if you think you should wait to do the challenge until you drop a few pounds, skip that rationale too. 


Remember the benefits start right at your first workout. You’re going to feel less back pain, avoid injuries, appear slimmer because of better posture, and have better sex. That’s a lot to pass on. Remember, doing something for health reasons will always surpass doing it for the gram.