Exercise Yourself Into The Right Mindset To Date

Exercise Yourself Into The Right Mindset To Date


Well-being is one big loop. Every choice feeds back into your overall feelings of satisfaction with life. That means eating right, exercising, and self-care can make dating easier. Why? Because dating requires working on your trauma and embracing vulnerability and trust. And those two aren’t easy for many people to do. 

Getting back into the game can trigger anxiety and helpless feelings. Those with anxiety already will probably have to battle it back while trying not to appear unhinged. So if you’re considering re-downloading Bumble, try four weeks of a fitness program first. 

Frontiers in Psychiatry put it this way

“Broadly, regular exercise results in physiological changes and adaptations in the human body. Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise is associated with lower sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis reactivity.”

And the non-science translation is this: your blood pressure won’t drop when his phone rings at 3 a.m., and you’ve only known him for two weeks. 

Links to dating and keeping your sanity and regular exercise:

  • You’ll be calmer. Not knowing if the other person feels the same is stressful. Take a run. Get in the right mindset for dating.

  • You’ll have more energy. Working out seems like EXTRA work, but long-term exercise boosts endorphins, allows you to sleep deeper, and have a well-conditioned heart

  • You’ll feel more confident. If there’s anything you need more than confidence while you’re dating, we don’t know what it is, besides self-love and boundaries. And trust us, faking confidence will crumble under the weight of a new relationship. Most couples have to beat a lot of insecurity to make it.

Studies have pointed to exercise as an act of fortifying yourself. This means better impulse control, and you’ll pause before reaching for instant gratification. 

A strong will pours into every area of life. And we’re not scientists, but... better impulse control means resisting the good-looking person to the left because you know they’re toxic asf

Speaking of which, let’s talk about your mindset.

Do you think you’re worth a hardworking, giving partner, or do you feel you have to prove yourself to your love interest? 

How you think about yourself is going to form the critical dynamics of your new relationship. Use exercise to build confidence in yourself. Then, do what seems to be the impossible and reap the benefits as you fall in love.