Traveling with Supplements Means Not Having to Get Back To Healthy Routines

Traveling with Supplements Means Not Having to Get Back To Healthy Routines



If wellness is a lifestyle, it shouldn't come to a screeching halt when vacation time rolls around. And we all know how healthy routines can easily be disrupted with two weeks of sun, booze, and fun. However, getting back to your patterns can be simplified by bringing the essentials with you. But, of course, what's essential is up to you.


A meal-replacement shake before you hit the beach in the morning and some vitamins will take less than five minutes and won't disturb the good things you had going on back home. 



Don't take a vacation from your healthy habits. 



Look, we're simply suggesting you bring the bare minimum. You don't need to get the whole bin of vitamin bottles, collagen powders, and wheatgrass shots, just the essentials to keep your routine established. But if you want to... take a pill case. Take the whole medicine cabinet. TSA officers at security screening aren't asking for prescriptions, so they're not going to ask about probiotic capsulesPill cases are a-okay for carry-on luggage. 


Vacation Time is the Mental Health Reset You Need


Sometimes we need to get away from our lives to really appreciate the mundane everyday routines. Research agrees. Vacation time isn't all bad for your wellness routine; in fact, it's a boost. Unfortunately, says only 50 percent of Americans take their allotted vacation time. What happens to the other half of our workforce who doesn't get away from the grueling clock that is capitalism is they get cranky, overworked, and become perpetually exhausted. Don't become that person.


Taking a vacation could save your mental health, your coworker's sanity and reconnect you to this vast world we live in. There are simple indications it's time for a vacation, like:


  • Poor sleep quality from regularly going to bed with scattered, racing thoughts. 
  • You're not motivated to be productive, you're allowed to get bored, and you're also allowed to take a break.
  • Always exhausted? Here's a solution? Get away from the environments that cause you stress. 


Research has shown stepping away from work leads to a more positive outlook on life, and when that happens, you're going to produce your best work. 



TSA Regulations of Powdered Supplements on Carry-On


Bringing protein powders, skin vitamins, and the likes with you can be done. Powdered supplements are not TSA-banned. Even if you're not checking in bags. You can keep powders in their original packaging or in a travel container. 


For white powders, the original packaging is preferred so the TSA officer can determine its protein powder. This sounds like a lot, but it's worth it.

The benefits of the extra packing out-way coming back from vacay sluggish and out of wack.




Transportation security recommends checking in anything over 12 ounces. Still, you can also place the protein in its own bin for screening if it's over. For example, our Nourish Protein 15 Serving (18 ounces) would be best left in its original packaging. The origin should be easily determined for TSA security. Simply remove the two-week supply from your carry-on like you would your laptop and place it in its own bin


Vacation 15? Who said that has to be a real thing? We certainly didn't.