How To Spend The Remaining Days of Summer Liberated and Empowered

How To Spend The Remaining Days of Summer Liberated and Empowered



Was it a hot girl summer? We'll never tell. But if yours was a complete bust, don't call it just yet. The autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere will be upon us on September 22nd, and there is still time to wreak havoc before it's time to light those apple pie candles and adult. 


If the fall solstice means getting cozy, focus, and enjoying the fall foliage, then the end of summer means cementing those summer tans and getting in those last few mocktails on the terrace. 


Summertime may be notorious with freedom and fun, but the end of summer is the time to lay the groundwork for a fierce, I've-got-my-life-together-fall. If you want to step into the next season in control of your life, liberated (including sexually liberated), then read on. 




This is THE list of how to feel better about yourself.  

  1. Read the classics like Codependent No MoreHow To Win Friends and Influence PeopleCreating Money, and Pussy a Reclamation
  2. Take action. Buy a pretty planner. All of the August planners should be moving onto the discount rack and use it. Stop saying you're overwhelmed and make a plan to address your procrastination. Try it just once; you may love the switch-up. Try it the next day, skip a day, and do it again. Learning a new habit isn't a one-time and done thing, but you do have a hall pass for unlimited fails because that's part of learning. 
  3. Tend to summer-time sadness. Apparently, seasonal depression isn't only for the wintertime. But if you listened to Lana, then you already knew this. Apparently, only 10 percent of us will feel it in the summer. It could be you. Talk to a therapist. Actually…
  4. Book a therapy appointment. Therapy For Black Girls says the key to a good experience is matching yourself up with the appropriate therapist. Try their free guide to find yours
  5. Take a personal day. Call of work. Be responsible by being quote-on-quote irresponsible. Take a day for yourself and do things that bring your inner child joy. 
  6. Wear Sunscreen. Put together a skincare routine. Sound stressful? Go to Ulta or Sephora and tell a specialist about your skin and ask for recommendations. A good skincare routine means no feelings of "I should get botox" later. 
  7. Book a last-minute Solo trip. Solo trips can make you feel more confident in yourself and in your ability to navigate this world without someone else's help. 
  8. Practice Sexual Liberation. Go on a few dates. Work on unlearning old ways of thinking about your sexuality. Check out Kama Labs' very sexy online events; click here. 
  9. Redefine Your Definition of a Relationship. Refer to books like Codependent No More (link above.) Unlearn what it means to you to be a partner in a relationship. We all know fall time is when we all usually slip into relationships. But don't do this unless it's entirely suitable for you. Your boundaries aren't budging. You're confident in yourself. 
  10. Take a twerking class. Twerk in the mirror every day. Better yet, join a weekend workshop on how to open up and feel whole. Check out Black Woman's Healing Retreats
  11. Break up with your Toxic Partner. Do we even need to explain this one? We probably do. We'll do it in one sentence. He's a narcissist, and he doesn't require you to reinforce his fragile ego. 
  12. Discuss and debate. Join an audio chat social media platform like Clubhouse or Discord and practice what you read. Not to be corny, but be the change you want to see in the world. 
  13. Embrace your anger. Read this article. You'll be moved. It's based on the novel: Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger"Anger is the emotion that best protects us against danger, unfairness, and injustice. Understanding it and learning to think about its methodical uses in response to threats like these allows girls and women to move from passivity, fear, and withdrawal to awareness, engagement, and change."