How to Find Your Fitness Buddy

How to Find Your Fitness Buddy


Some like to work out alone, and that’s great for them. For everyone else, a fitness buddy goes a long way to see us through our wellness goals. A study a few years back by the University of Aberdeen revealed that working out with someone will push you to go longer. 


However, Dr. Radków found you don’t need to have someone physically there with you. Holding each other accountable and encouraging each other can have the same effect. Not only does it increase the duration, but a companion also gives you emotional, social support. The message here is someone’s support can make you believe you can do that one burpee, which can push limits even further. 


But how do you go about this when you don’t have any friends to work out with or encourage you? Enter the internet and the many ways it can connect us. 


Hey! Vina 

While not only for finding fitness buddies, Hey! Vina can link you with the right someone. Use the for-friends app to scout for women who might be as new to fitness as you are. 


Founder and CEO Olivia June says she created the app because she believes “one friend can change our entire lives.” The power of friendship can empower and connect us, she says. 


We couldn’t agree more. 


#Fitfam on Twitter

Not looking to link up but could still use some encouragement, Twitter has a hashtag(s) for that. Of course, not all Twitter is good or relatable Twitter. Don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others. 




Approach Other People Working Out (Respectively)  

Go to regular group fitness sessions? Try asking one of the other regulars to be their accountability buddy. Chances are they’re on the lookout, same as you. Not good at talking to strangers? Get people to talk about themselves and smile. Even introverts need to socialize. Know that how an introvert interacts with a stranger will differ from how an extrovert does and that is okay! 



An exercise database and an under-the-radar social platform. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, there is someone on BodySpace to connect with. You can post progress pictures, weight, and personal growth. You can also try custom community workouts made by your peers. 


Future Coach

Maybe you don’t want a peer-to-peer support system. You want a trainer who is going to build your confidence. Future Coach is an option that makes sense when someone is having trouble seeing past their own toes. Let us say it another way. You, yes you, are capable of more than you know. You are strong and resilient. When you’re just being to test your limits is extraordinarily beneficial to have a professional opinion to validate your steps forward into the unknown. Digital training also makes sense for the world we’re living in today. Try it out, it may just be for you.