Buy An Air Fryer, Make Every Meal to Feel Like a Cheat Meal

Buy An Air Fryer, Make Every Meal to Feel Like a Cheat Meal


Air Fryers are not new, but they could be the new way you cook up healthy meals. But what exactly is it, and what does an air fryer do to your food? After all, isn’t the point of frying something without the grease dripping off of it? But what if what you love about fried foods is the crunch and not necessarily the grease? 

In July 2020, a study found 37% of Americans have an air fryer in their home. Why? This home appliance is convenient and versatile. Did we mention all the delicious creative foods you can whip up with minimal effort? 



But is an air fryer truly a healthy option? (It’s healthier than dunking your food in a pot of oil that’s for sure.) But some people may not realize recipes may ask you to use 1-2 tablespoons of oil into the appliance to get a good crunch. Keeping in mind if you’re cooking for one to two tablespoons of canola oil equals roughly 240 calories. Way fewer calories than deep-fried but it still feels suspiciously like empty calories. So in short, yes an air fryer is the better way to do fried foods. Is it the supreme way to be healthy? Maybe not. What’s important here is moderation. Boring meals leads to wayward diets. So it's important meals be creative, convenient, and nutritious; theoretically, you can achieve all of this with an air fryer. It’s better than the oven, some claim. Can you say hello guilt-free cheat meals?!

So how do air fryers work? The device gives food its crunch by rapidly immersing it in 360 degrees of heat. And if TikTok, BuzzFeed, and Twitter have shown us’s that you can cook just about anything in this handy kitchen appliance. 



Here Are Our Top Three Air fryer Picks


  1. Best Affordable Mini Air Fryer, $56.52


First off, It comes with a recipe book, how great is that! Its mini-size is great for small kitchens. You even have the choice of three other colors. And we are fond of its digital face. 

  1. Top Quality Air Fryer, $179.99


This Ninja Foodi 8qt 6-in-1, 2-basket air fryer has a beautiful sleek design and a great LED control panel. Two baskets? Great. Throw in some sweet potato fries and hand-breaded chicken tenders. Buy from top-quality air fryers on payments with Klarna or Afterpay on 

  1. Hybrid Air Fryer, $119.99


Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pricey kitchen appliance that can only do one thing? This 2-in-1 fryer can also whip up some mean, restaurant-quality deep-fried foods. (You know for when the cousins come over… you’re totally air frying the rest of the time. Winky face.)


Eating should be a happy experience, not something you dread and feel anxiety about. Don't limit yourself to plain old chicken and vegetables. Air fry it.