How to Hold Yourself Accountable

How to Hold Yourself Accountable


Unlike finding success, holding yourself accountable is more straightforward. The most important thing to establish is your mindset. Do you believe that healthy lifestyle changes won’t stick? Does it make you uncomfortable to be around more successful friends or family? 




Victim Mentality

The victim mentality is when the belief that unfortunate experiences in life were caused by a world that’s full of people out to get you. Since you didn’t cause your misfortune, there’s no point in fighting for anything better, because the world will always screw you over. 

This mindset is easy to fall into because it pointedly names who’s to blame - and it’s not you. It means you don’t have to do uncomfortable self-work and instead can explain away your situation. This scenario is common, we’ve all fall prey to the victim mindset. Oddly enough, it points to how we are strangely willing to sit with known unhappiness than venture into a game of chance. But it’s not a game of chance, do the hard work and eventually get where you want to go. 

Look at life as handing out golden tickets to those who try. That’s all you need to do in life, try and keep trying. Begin trying by holding yourself accountable and you being that by cleansing your mind of any notion of being a victim. 

Do It and Don’t Ask Someone Else To Do It For You 

If you are required to take a general education class and decide to pay your friend to write your essays for you, it’s not reflective of holding yourself accountable. You should better manage your time so you can do it yourself. If that means you need to pick up a book or ask for advice you should do that. Time management allows you to prioritize, focus, and work efficiently. You can’t skip the small steps if you want to pull off a complete lifestyle haul.


Wellness and health overhauls should be done incrementally for the best physical and mental results. 


Look At Your Moral Self

Do you have a built-in sense of right and wrong? What are your concerns and commitments and attachments? What do you put above all else? If you want to hold yourself accountable, seeing new goals through, priorities should line up with the goals. If they don’t then you cannot put ‘not successes’ onto anyone else. The moral self determines how you act, actions follow thoughts. 

Hold yourself accountable, align values and goals to see the best results. Don’t take actions that are wrong for you even if someone is handing this easy route out to you with a five grand.

Set Small, Attainable Goals, That Will Boost Your Confidence



You’ve heard it before, learn to walk before you run. Small goals are good goals and are the ones you’ll be able to pull off. Like we’ve said, we know you’re aware of this but a study found that even though ‘everyone seems to know the value of a goal 80 percent of those same people never set them. What does this say? It says we know how to win, but we don’t want to do the work. 



If you want to hold yourself accountable here are the basic steps: 


  1. Check yourself. Mindset is make-or-break. 

  2. No excuses. Not now, not ever. Instead, ask how can you do better? 

  3. Don’t cheat or screw yourself over. 

  4. Look at your values and priorities, do they align?

  5. Set small goals and see them through, and give yourself a much-needed confidence boost in the process.