Caffeinated Drinks Count Towards Water Intake (But Should We Cheer or Cry?!)
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Caffeinated Drinks Count Towards Water Intake (But Should We Cheer or Cry?!)

by Body Complete Rx

Despite caffeine's ability to make you run to the bathroom, the Mayo Clinic states research has confirmed that when consumed in moderation, coffee or energy drinks won’t lead to dehydration. We like coffee as much as the next person, but weren’t excited about busting the myth “that coffee isn’t hydrating,” because how else can we convince folks to drink more water if your cup of joe can be counted toward your daily water intake? 

However, there are a couple of factors to consider before you start filling up your water bottle with the good stuff…

Here are 9 Reasons Why Other Drinks Can’t Replace Plain Old Water

  1. Drinking coffee or energy drinks all day long will not feel like a good thing. Signs of too much caffeine include headaches, insomnia, frequent urination, and muscle tremors. 
  2. It’s considered safe to drink up to 600mg of caffeine a day, after that you need ‘sans caffeine’ water. 
  3. Juices like orange juice or coconut water are good for you but are also packed with sugar and calories that add up quickly. 
  4. Working out requires electrolytes and water to refuel the body after sweating, so soda pop and bubble tea are out. You need water or a sugar-free sports drink to replace the fluids you lost.
  5. Juice is also less hydrating than plain H2O. Even in 100% fruit juice, the high sugar content inhibits proper hydration. 
  6. And sugary drinks like soda will derail your fitness goals faster than lighting strikes a tree. They can’t replace water and will leave you feeling sluggish. 
  7. Getting enough fluids are important to detox your kidneys and liver. We like to think of it as giving your detoxing organs a break so they can clear themselves out. Coffee, juice, and soda all contain ingredients that will further add to the toxins your liver or kidneys need to clean out. 
  8. Drinking water works as well as any tea detox or juice cleanse. Take a multivitamin and drink water consistently, and you'll feel great.
  9. You will get better results from caffeine if you are hydrated. We recommend starting your morning off with a glass of water to boost your metabolism, followed by a few drops of our Boost Metabolism Drops, followed by your morning cup of joe. The effects will be so much more intense than drinking coffee alone. 

We do want to finish by saying a cup of black coffee can actually be considered good for you. There are numerous cases where coffee was relieved to help with “diabetes prevention, certain types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.”


The problem arises when you drink several lattes a day that add in sugary syrups that mess up your body's hydration process and then the excess calories in creamer that lead to poor health. In other words, even if you may be consuming a lot of fluid from various drinks and foods throughout the day, you need to ask yourself if you're properly hydrating yourself and think about how good the quality of your hydration is.