Celebrity Hot Girl Summer Exercises to Keep you in Shape
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Celebrity Hot Girl Summer Exercises to Keep you in Shape


If you grew up idolizing the curves of J.LO and KKW, then it’s worth taking a look at their fitness routines. These queens in their 40s and 50s respectfully are putting in the work, and it shows. Here’s a hand-picked list of our celebrity hot girl summer exercises to keep you in shape. Our hot girl summer workouts list also includes celebrities Kerry Washington and Viola Davis. 

Below you’ll find four incredible women and four unexpected ways to get fit. Keep reading. 

Kim Kardashian 



KKW’s trainer says Kim’s workouts are 85% resistance training and 15% cardio. 

  1. Treadmill Sprints are something new Kim’s been trying out in 2021. Sources report Kim’s claimed to see more results. (As if that’s even possible.) 
  2. Abdominal-only training sessions. For these sessions, you should include “planks, ab rolling, kneeling resistance rope crunches, and leg lifts.” Kim’s trainer Melissa says she had to work up to the more intense core workouts. This is good advice for you as well. Don’t start with crazy advanced moves. 

What are the perks of resistance training like KKW? Crazy tone and sleek curves. Unlike cardio weight training and resistance training, fatigue the muscles enough, so you continue to burn calories even after your session. 

Jennifer Lopez



Celebrity trainers leaking their clients' workouts is always a win for us. J. Lo’s trainer capitalizes on sounding deceivingly easy but actually is intense asf! Try some of these moves.

  1. Platypus Walk. This one reminds us of side shuffles in basketball, but you’re in a sumo squat, hands above your head, and walking. Buzzfeed contributing writer Fabiana Buontempo says, and I quote, “Let's just say...it's a move that I never want to do again.” 
  2. Shoulder Taps. Shoulders steady, ladies, it’s time to drop down into an unforgiving plank pose. Without those hips dipping- tap, alternate hand-to-shoulder. 

If you want J, Lo’s hot girl summer bod, then you need to make some uncomfortable sacrifices, like being able to walk normally the next day. 



Kerry Washington



Because honestly, what woman wouldn’t enjoy having Kerry Washington’s slim and trim physique? Some women might have fewer curves and instead aspire to be lean, soft, and healthy. We love Washington’s approach to fitness. Do you want to know her secret? It’s pilates. Try these moves:

  1. Use a chair. You can buy/ check out pilates chairs, like this one, for less than $400. 
  2. The Transformer. This piece of fitness equipment is costly. Try it out at a local pilates studio instead.



Viola Davis 



It’s no secret actresses and actors put their bodies through some extreme changes for the sake of entertainment. Davis’s trainer wants her to be strong and agile as a ninja for her role in The Woman King. They train three days a week; Viola is a busy woman, after all. Just like the infamous women of the world, we can lead jam-packed days as well, so every session should count. Try some of her training techniques below. 

  1. Mobility drills. Staying limber and balanced is essential. Davis is 55 years old and about to take on the role of the woman king. These drills get the blood pumping through stiff and cold joints and are a must for active women of all ages. Try butt-kicks, mountain climbers, pistol squats, and high knee taps. 
  2. Kickboxing. Well, if there’s one way to be as agile as a ninja, it’s to sting like a bee and float like a butterfly. Viola’s trainer has her doing an hour of kickboxing every Monday. 

Davis’s trainer offers one more bit of indirect advice. She says Davis works long hours, but she doesn’t complain when it’s time to show up for her 6 am session.  Mindset is everything, and so are your priorities. Now’s a good time to look at them.