The Only 5 Fitness Affirmations You'll Ever Need
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The Only 5 Fitness Affirmations You'll Ever Need


Each of us have cultivated throughout the years a perspective, a way of viewing life, through observing others or trying something a few times. It's in this same way we have formed opinions on how we feel about exercising. We might have had a handful of experiences with fitness and say: It's hard, it takes up a good chunk of my time, I know it's important, but I don't feel like doing it. For any who have actually started a new fitness routine, you might be feeling pretty good, and for those of you contemplating: you're going to feel really accomplished once you begin. These are the only 5 fitness affirmations you'll ever need to get going and stay going. Most importantly these 5 affirmations will help you shape a new perspective on fitness and exercise.

Everyday I Exercise, My Body Will Repay Me With Years Of Health

A study found, for people who are in a heavier weight class, if they can do at least 150 minutes of exercise each week they're going to live 2.7 to 3.4 years longer. That's eye-opening. You only have one body and one life, do good things for them. This affirmation will bring you resolution and comfort. Sometimes we think we have to wait 12 weeks or 1 year to see results- this affirmation means every single day you can feel empowered, confident, and reassured.



I Am Capable, I Am Strong, I Can Finish This Last Set

Exercising is hard, we won't mislead you and say it isn't. But we will tell you: that feeling you get when you see a workout all the way through to the end, is worth it. You're going to feel so powerful, so strong, and so capable. We believe in you, you should believe in you too. Affirm it. That's power.



If I Want It, Really Want It, I'll Do The Work To Achieve My Goals

This sounds really similar to the other affirmations but there's a critical difference. Try using this affirmation and it will quickly show you if you really want what you're striving for. Do you really want to be a fitness competitor or do you actually want to feel accomplished and capable? Once you know what it is you really want to accomplish, you're going to be so much more motivated to achieve your goals, because it will align with your true desires.

Have the right intentions and the work may seem hard but it will make you proud.



I Acknowledge And Accept Greatness Does Not Come Fast Or Easy

This affirmation is important. Yes, I know I've been saying this about all of them, but that's because these 5 affirmations, if you can etch them permanently into your mind, you're going to achieve every fitness goal you've ever had. 

This affirmation challenges the ideas of instant gratification and teaches us patience. It also speaks volumes to the fact it's not something you sit back, affirm and wait for the universe to grant, you work for it. It's not easy to get what you want. If it's easy it's probably not what you need.



I Like The Way I'm Feeling, I'm Going To Do Whatever I Need To Do To Keep Feeling This Way

People new to exercise, or returning can fizzle out, even if they admit to themselves it feels really good to be active. At this point they may have even said to themselves: I'm doing great now, but in a week I know I'll lose interest. If you want to be successful with fitness and exercise you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to stay on the grind. It especially means you'll have to replace that negative self-talk that's established itself in your head. I'm so guilty of this myself from time to time. I understand it's a struggle, but we have to do whatever we can to accomplish our goals. If that means going to bed early, modifying exercises, updating your equipment, paying for a gym membership, telling your partner your fitness goals- do what needs to be done.



Stay vigilant.