Do This Stress-Detox For One Week To Hit The Reset Button

Do This Stress-Detox For One Week To Hit The Reset Button


Girl- we know life can be too much sometimes. You’re under stress, chronic everyday stress. You’ve tried aromatherapy, you’ve tried the gym- it just seems like it’s not enough. The thing is, sometimes it’s not, because you need to combine your efforts- inspire a stress free environment and manifest your best life. You just need to hit the reset button, and here it is: The 7-Day Stress Detox Boot Camp.

Tired? Under-performance pressure? Money problems? Health issues? Too much time on your phone procrastinating? These are chronic stressors; according to The American Institute Of Stress they’re all also a part of our top 7 causes of stress in the United States.

  • Job Pressure : Co-worker tension, bosses, work overload
  • Money: Loss of job, reduced retirement, medical expenses
  • Health: Health crisis, terminal or chronical illness
  • Relationships: Divorce, death, arguments with friends, loneliness.
  • Poor Nutrition: Caffeine, processed foods, refined sugars.
  • Media Over-load: Television, radio, e-mail, social
  • Sleep Deprivation: Inability to release adrenaline and other stress hormones.

-The American Institute of Stress

In the next 7days you’re going to challenge and detox every day. You can do this, it’s only one-week. What do you have to lose? Everyday you’ll be faced with a detox element and a challenge element, complete both to the best of your ability. Remember, your efforts add up! 



  • For the next 7-days you will commit to not eating at fast-food restaurants.
  • For the next 7-days, you will limit yourself to one caffeinated beverage a day. We recommend our ULTRA B-12 DROPS for all day sustainability.
  • For the next 7 day you will sleep a minimum of 7 hours – remember ladies this is a boot camp and you mean business. 


Choose your challenge:

  1. Scan the job market and update your resume. This challenge is for those of us who have been feeling well unimpressed, with our current work situation. Start small, update your resume just in case you stumble upon your dream job. Sometimes, seeing we have options is the push we need to say: I’m not stuck in my current situation.


  1. Meal prep for the next three days. Easy big-pot dishes like chili, meatloaf, chicken curry. Cook healthy and practice mindfulness. Meal prepping is the best way to guarantee better health. No more need for impulse eating or excuses like I’m too busy to cook. Remember, poor nutrition is number five on the top stressors list.



No phone an hour before bed. That means set your alarms an hour before you fall asleep. Try reading or scanning a magazine before bed instead.






Write a forgiveness note. Think about someone you’re angry with. Write a letter telling them why you’re angry with them and then forgive yourself and if you can them. Burn the letter and if you’re ready ask them to coffee to talk things out. Relationships can be huge stressors in our lives, don’t spend any more time driving yourself nuts over the situation. Clear the air and move on in your life so you have more energy to give to other areas.


Choose your Detox:


  1. That challenge was a hard one. Invite your family over for brunch. Sip on some mimosas and make some homemade guacamole.


  1. Invest in some lavender aromatherapy essential oil. Give yourself a hand massage after writing your letter.

“Continuous exposures to lavender essential oils for 7 days significantly inhibited anxiety- and depression-like behaviors.” – Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal






Turn off your social media and email notifications. Today, we won't over-indulge in other peoples lives. Instead, today we’re staying present on our own lives.



Today your detox is some light reading on an awesome natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Click here, for a researched backed article. Then pick-up some magnesium spray or tablets online or in your local pharmacy and try it out yourself. Magnesium is great for anxiety and muscle soreness.




Choose your Challenge:


  1. Schedule a checkup with your doctor. Make sure to discuss how you’ve been feeling recently. Is it time for your annual breast exam? Taking care of your health concerns instead of pushing them off can relieve a lot of stress.


  1. Meditate for 30 minutes. We recommend a YouTube, guided meditation video. Make sure you have a quiet place and don’t fall asleep.



Smile 20 times today. Want to jumpstart the count? Put on a good comedy movie. Detox all of those negative vibrations from your system.




Use the calendar on your phone. Some studies theorize, organization can help build a stress free environment. You’ll be managing your stress by managing your time. While, we can’t be in control of all areas of our lives it doesn’t mean we have to be clueless and unprepared.



Attend a morning exercise class. Yes, just for today wake-up early and get your heart pumping. A smooth morning flow might be just what you need to feel ready to conquer the day.





Create a money-diary. List out everything you spend in the next 24 hours. At the end of the day take that information and line it up next to your financial goals. Are you on track, or do you have some little habits you need to reconcile with?

Reading suggestion: Money Diaries, by refinery29.



Eat three hours before going to sleep at the latest. Wake up without the acid reflux, queasy stomach, and indigestion. Your body will feel so much less stressed.




Create your mantra. Chanting a mantra takes time, about 108 times to be ‘not-so-exact’. Need inspiration? Click, here. By chanting you manifest your dreams and ingrain your intentions in your soul. Get comfortable, this challenge takes quality time.



The full spa package. DIY-style or book your relaxing trip to the spa. If you’re doing it at home we recommend: wine, cheese, slow tunes, and essential oils. Try Pinterest for DIY spa day ideas.



This bootcamp is aimed at helping you get un-stuck with lots of doses of self-care. We recommend you repeat as needed and start living your best life.

Good-luck for the week ahead!


---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer