Tik Tok Foods That’ll Break Your Taste Buds

Tik Tok Foods That’ll Break Your Taste Buds


Some of these foods are no longer at the top of the viral TikTok trending food charts. Instead, there are now millions of people who have whipped up the trend, at home, in their kitchens. That means you have options, variations, and the fast way (and the slow way) of trying your hand at these trendy eats. 

Ramen Lasagna

Four ingredients and 45-minutes are all you need to make a lasagna with a questionable ramen-Esque flavor, which TikTok has made incredulously famous. 

Popsugar Ramen Lasagna

Carrot Bacon

Get the seasoning right, drop them in an air fryer, and you might just be able to replace an American classic. We like this recipe from The Edgy Veg. You’ll need tahini, soy sauce, pepper, paprika, liquid smoke, maple syrup, and garlic powder. 

The Edgy Veg Carrot Bacon

Matcha Dalgona Coffee

Replace egg whites with chickpea brine, and you got Healthy Little Vittles key ingredient for the Dalgona coffee, matcha upgrade. 

Healthy Little Vittles Match Dalgona Coffee


Corn Ribs

Viral recipes are five-star guarantees. The only issue is which recipe for your very first time? Have you ever had grilled Mexican street corn, also known as Elotes? Divinity itself. If you want to try the viral corn ribs, try it the Elotes way first. Seasoned To Taste, made this trending food, lousy pun intended, seasoned to taste. Perfectly.

Seasoned To Taste Elotes Style Air Fryer Corn Riblets

Cloud Bread

What’s best when fresh and doesn’t taste anything like bread? Cloud bread, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s all the rage on TikTok. Try this recipe when you want a sourdough alternative with a fun consistency. Fun fact if you add too much sugar to your cloud bread, it won’t be as fluffy as the Tiktok food sensation. 

I Am A Food Blog’s Cloud Bread

Baked Oats

This food blogger did something a little different to get rid of the flat and soggy texture. And in comparison, the extra step is so genius; it feels a bit like cheating. Want to know the secret? Food blogger Savory Nothings blended her oats into a ‘flour’ first. Nothing too crazy, but that one little step changes the whole end product. Check out her recipes and make your own. 

Savory Nothing’s Baked Oats

Decorated Focaccia Bread 

The star of an outdoor picnic might be have been the sweet strawberries glistening with condensation in the balmy summer heat. We said it might have been, right up until the moment you uncovered your decorative focaccia bread. Hands down, our favorite trend ever is using flowers to make anything pretty. Like pressed botanical candles. Now bread? Who could have thought this up? All we can say is thank you, TikTok developers. 

All Recipe Chef Jakie’s Decorated Focaccia Bread

2-Ingredient Vegan Chicken 

Not so many ingredients, but still time-intensive. If you have the patience to bake bread, you’ll be just fine making your vegan chicken. Gluten-free? Try this recipe.

Popsugar’s TikTok Vegan Chicken