Best Sustainable Workout Clothes You Can Wear With, Literally, Everything

Best Sustainable Workout Clothes You Can Wear With, Literally, Everything


Eco-conscious living is sometimes more intensive than we’d like to admit. Finding the best sustainable workout gear can require more time than you have. Not only do we need to eat well, exercise, and be nice to people, we have to consider impact. You, as a consumer, have an ultimate say on how our clothes are made. (Can you feel the power coursing through your hand to your credit card yet?) We’ve rounded up three sustainable athleisure brands. Each one focuses on making sustainable, athleisure basics. 

Outdoor Voices

Tyler Hanley, a Parsons graduate, began Outdoor Voices (also known as OV to its cult-following) back in 2012. After her resignation in 2019, she took back the company in mid-2020. We can officially re-list OV as a female-ran company. Here are the take-away points:

  1. Their catch-phrase is #doingthings. OV clothing supports you in your day-to-day activities. 

  2. The average size range is an XS-XL and runs true to size. 

  3. Outdoor Voice’s performance fabrics are given The Blue Way approval. The manufacturing of the material has been deemed ethical and sustainably made, by a third party. 

Shop Our Favorite, Most Versatile, Athleisure Pieces From Outdoor Voices

Rectrek 3" Short, $78.00


This brand listens. Based on customer feedback, It now includes a removable mesh, back pocket, snap closure, and a ton of pockets. (Which basically translates to more granola bar storage.)


Use Your Outdoor Voice Longsleeve, $58.00


This one is our go-to oversized shirt, not only because of its trendy typography but its message. It’s Hanley’s play on words from how we’ve been told to use our indoor voices. 


Girlfriend Collective 

Girlfriend Collective has come a long way. In the beginning, they offered a limited selection. Now the brand has a fan base, and they’re giving us so much more. Three things you should know:

  1. Clothing made from plastic bottles isn’t always made from post-consumer bottles. Girlfriend Collective recycles 25 post-consumer bottles to make one pair of leggings. 

  2.  Haven’t checked out this brand in a while? They now sell maternity, swimwear, socks, underwear, bags, and … bucket hats? 

  3. They don’t just care about profit. GC’s washing machine filter keeps plastic micro-fibers out of the bellies of ocean shrimp. 


Shop Our Favorite, Essential Athleisure Pieces From Girlfriend Collective

Undress, $78.00



The Undress is available from size XXS to 6XL; that is when it’s in stock. It’s a hot buy. Everyone wants to look like they just got back from playing tennis in the Hamptons. 


Geranium Bike Unitard, $78



Reviewers say the Girlfriend Collective Unitard has light coverage but feels downy-soft. It’s not peer-recommend for high-impact activities. Instead, wear when doing low-impact exercises.


Everybody & Everyone

This is a brand to watch. Their athleisure line may be limited, but gosh, how good does semi-biodegradable sound? Here are the top three things to know: 

  1. Not all their clothing is made with Tencel Lyocell, their biodegradable fabric, but most focus on being eco-innovative

  2. Eco-activation fabric finishing solutions (planet-friendly) are applied to Everybody & Everyone pieces to prevent stains and smells. The idea with eco-activation is you can wash your clothes less.

  3. They sell other things besides yoga pants, and they do it size inclusively. Shop from sizes 00-24. 


Shop Our Favorite Workout  Clothes From Everybody & Everyone

Biodegradeable Magic Crop Pant, $98.00


81% of your future leggings will break down. The other 19% of the fabric is elastane, so you feel secure. 


Biodegradable Pretty Sweaty Tee, $78


The R&D this brand devoted to their athleisure line means the biodegradable clothing will “break down in three years and not 100 years.”