3 Brands Thinking About Your PMS Sanity and Comfort

3 Brands Thinking About Your PMS Sanity and Comfort


Your period is still set on rising all hell. And no, we do not get to skip menstruation all of 2020, just because the world is in chaos. That means, you're still going to be 'checking Into the Red Roof Inn,' COVID-19 pandemic -happening or not, once a month. 


And- without a gym to go to, or a busy day at work to keep your mind occupied, Aunt Flo's antics are such more noticeable. The swollen breasts, insatiable lower back burning, the 'it feels like a sumo wrestler is holding my ovaries in place while Rocky Balboa and Credence take a few practice swings..."



...its like we said: all so much more noticeable especially, when you have sooo much more time to notice it. So we thought we'd introduce some brands for the 'quarantined edition' of your period'.


Callaly + The Tampliner 

A gynecologist Invented the Tampliner, after listening to 30 years worth of patient-complaints about what tampons get wrong.  


Photo sourced from Callaly.com 



It's made up of three parts: Tampon (long oblong shape), the mini liner ( the cape on top of the tampon), and the medical-grade-film virtual applicator. The mini liner actually ends up sliding down the length of the tampon upon insertion. Staying nestled in-between the labia lips (catching little leaks). The film virtual applicator just holds the whole contraption together. Added bonus upon removable, the company says:


It connects to the tampon at one end and the mini-liner at the other, and it stays inside your body the entire time you’re wearing a tampliner. It keeps your finger clean as you insert the tampon and also neatly wraps the used tampon as you remove it. Unlike an ordinary applicator, it’s mess-free! -Callaly.com



News flash, tampon companies don't need to share with you what chemicals their products have been exposed too. Daye, has chosen full transparency though, and that's why we like them. As a transparent company ourselves, we know how important it is consumers get the right information. 


There's a lot of information that the common tampon/pad shopper isn't aware of. Like what happens when fibers are left behind from tampons in our system. Or the fact that tampon makers aren't even held to the same sanitation regulations as plaster makers. 




A common issue with tampons is fibre loss, where the tampon sheds inside your vaginal canal and leaves fibers behind. These then become the perfect breeding ground for thrush and BV-causing bacteria.- DAYE


Okay- so here's the really cool thing about DAYE (besides their transparency), they have CBD infused tampons. Admittedly, they cost about 1.24 pounds/per tampon. DAYE, claims they might be just what you need. Pain killers, are a thing of periods-past. Trying CBD tampons to get you through your first few horrible days might be a lifesaver for your work-at-home routine. (Let's all avoid crawling into bed during that next conference call and let's really not be putting 'LoveIsland' on mute with the subtitles on.) 


The vaginal mucosa is extremely absorbent and contains the highest number of cannabinoid receptors Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body, and are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.in the human body (well, technically your brain has more, but it's not as easily accessible). -DAYE


DAYE CBD tampons, include 150mg of full spectrum CBD (minus the THC), with 30% high potency concentrate.     


CLEO (a period company that doesn't sell pads or tampons.)

Welcome to the world of companies that care about your quality of life during your next bender with Aunt Flo. Cleo, is one of those companies. They focus on what typically ails a woman while she trying to keep the energy high, amid serious period cramps. 

Photo sourced from mycleo.com


All of their products are available to buy as you please, we're a big fan of the portable heating pack, but you can buy them bundled. The 'Pampered works bundle,' includes 5x portable discreet heating packs, an under the eye mask, and a hydrating face mask. ---Yaas, pamper yourself honey. The period performance bundle is where all the action is though: 

An arsenal of health and wellness solutions to help alleviate; cramps, head and back pain, bloating, fatigue, hormonal acne and irritability — for complete relief with the luxury of built-in pampering.


  ...including things like, hormone balancing vitamins. The lovely portable *sigh* heating packs *double sigh*. Acne patches, energy drink mix packets, and much more.    

Due to our hospitals being pushed to new limits, it's better to start taking preventive measures to your personal care. Rather than reacting to things as they arise. Starting not only with whole nutrition like your BCRX kit, but also taking better care of your vaginal health. It's worthwhile preventative, so you don't end up with an uncomfortable UTI or yeast infection; and you're not able to see care provider as soon as you'd like.

Food for thought.