6 Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit During Quarantine

6 Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Spirit During Quarantine

by Body Complete Rx

We’re in the midst of a major global health crisis and we’re all being overwhelmed with information on every single media platform available to us. With businesses shutting down, conferences and large gatherings being canceled and the majority of our world in a panic mode, it’s necessary to find ways to keep our spirits uplifted and our bodies and minds in balance. 

For some, we’re electing to spend more time in the house with our families or for others, with just ourselves. With the extra time, people have shared resourceful and creative content online to interact with their audiences. We’re sharing some of those resources below in our roundup of 6 ways to balance your mind, body, and soul during this quarantine.

Balancing the Mind

Keeping our minds active is a great way to stay stimulated so we’re not insanely overwhelmed with the panic news online. If you have the mental capacity, this is a perfect time to learn a new skill set and expand your mind. These activities can even be done as a family and engage everyone in the household.

Free learning online - Some schools are offering free courses on specific subjects. Check out this list of Ivy League courses you can access for free. LinkedIn also has a great video database of courses available for free for the first two weeks!

Reading - This is the perfect time to dust off some of those books sitting on that bookshelf! If you have children try a group reading time vs TV time to keep everyone's brain activity.

Balancing the Body

Obviously fitness and wellness are two of our top priorities here at BCRX and we’re so happy to see the creativity and innovativeness coming from some major platforms during this time. While gyms are closing nationwide do social distancing suggestions, there are still many ways to stay active and keep your body moving while at home.

Online yoga - This yoga instructor is one of many who are offering virtual sessions of their yoga and fitness classes. If you want to connect with a community digital during this time, check out virtual offerings to keep your body balanced!

In-home workouts - If you need some guidance on how to keep your body active while at home and really get the most from your workout, check out the content that planet fitness has been sharing on their website. They’ve even gone live on their Facebook and Instagram account with trainers leading some at home workouts. 

Balancing the Soul

Meditation - We’re always sharing content on keeping a balanced lifestyle and staying grounded. Now it’s even more crucial to keep our spirits high. Start your mornings a little earlier if you can and enjoy some silence and gratitude for what we do have at this moment. Even in times like this, there are a TON of things to be truly grateful for.

Positive affirmations - A great practice for the whole family to get involved in would be sharing positive affirmations out loud before breakfast and during the bedtime routine. Some great mindset and soul balancing affirmations are:

“We are healthy. We are safe. We are loved. We are protected. We are capable and strong.” 

How are you staying balanced during this time? Share with us here in the comments or on social media at @bodycompleterx.