The Best Summer Spa Treatments You Can Get

The Best Summer Spa Treatments You Can Get


A hot girl summer isn’t complete without a lot of self-care and some spa pampering. Read on to discover our must-have spa treatments for summer and remember once isn’t always enough. Regular spa routines keep our bodies happy and glowing! 


Hydrating Pedicure

It might not be news to all, but standing in the shower and letting the water run over your feet is not cleaning them. There are a quarter of a million sweat glands in your feet. Your feet alone will produce eight ounces of sweat in a single day. (Another reason to stay hydrated.) Factor in the warmer months and potentially cheap socks that make your feet sweat more... and well... you may be a couple of months away from cracked heels and athlete’s foot. 


Runners, in particular, can benefit from regular summer pedicures. When done by a spa technician, your feet get the chance to properly be scrubbed, smoothed, and moisturized. Pedicures remove bacteria, dead skin cells, and moisture cracked heels much more intensely than slathering on lotion at home could. 


Want to save money and do it yourself? Try a home pedicure kit. 

Shop: Olive and June The Pedi System, $70.00- $136.00 (Featured in The Cut.)


Oxygen Facial

Long summer days can be draining and harsh on your skin. We recommend an oxygen facial to plump and rejuvenate. What is an oxygen facial? Infused and pressurized oxygen is blown directly onto your face. The increase in oxygen makes skin bright and youthful, the results of an oxygen facial will last for about 4-7 days. (So not permanent but perfect for a beginning, mid, or whenever summer pick-me-up!) We recommend you shop around to find a spa that fits your budget. Average costs are varied ($75 - $500) and more than likely reflect the city you’re in. 


Sunless tanning

Maybe you work inside or burn easily but still want that healthy sun-kissed summer glow, sunless tanning is the way to go. Of course, you can buy a bottle of sunless tanning lotion, but you can also get a professionally done spray tan. Automated, spray tan machines will be more affordable; however, having a person apply your spray tan makes it customizable and you get a professional opinion.


‘Tantouring’ is also an amazing summer beauty hack. Skip applying and sweating off your foundation, instead, have your contouring done by your airbrush spray tan esthetician. 


Rumor has it you can even ‘tantour’ by yourself at home with bottles of sunless tanning solution. 


Salon Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments 

Does the sun damage your hair? The short answer is, absolutely, UV and UVB light will weaken the cuticle of the hair! A strong hair cuticle or ‘cover’ keeps away split-ends, brittleness, discoloration, frizz, and breakage. The average cost for salon deep-conditioning is $30. And remember, it is as much about the product as the process. So if you decide to a DIY spa day, don’t skip the hair cap and heat. But deep conditioning at the salon also means relaxation: you get out of the hot sun, recline back, walk out with a glossy mane, and never lift a finger. Say goodbye to limp and lifeless summer strands! 



Sugar or Salt Body Scrubs 

What should you expect when getting a body treatment? Do you have to get *completely* naked for body scrubs? How long does a full-body scrub last?


The short answers are these; yes, you should disrobe right down to the skivvies and then those too. (While you don’t have to, your spa technician will more than likely be unamused, but won’t say much.) Unless you go to a Korean bathhouse in that case, modesty is going right out the window.


In I Got a Full-Body Scrub at a Korean Spa and Discovered the Meaning of Exfoliation, writer Sable Yong says two things that sum it up:


  1. “Before I dive into the gory details, I should let you know now that I emerged post-90-minute session a goddamn dolphin. [...]”
  2. “[...]My attendant gently directed me, lifting my arms and legs as necessary to get into those areas I frankly was unaware required exfoliating. Buttcrack? Got a scrubbing. Thigh crease (you know where)? Scrubbed.”


Her overall experience? She walked away rubbed- pleasantly raw- a new woman with supermodel skin. I’d disrobe for that. More traditional Western spas may offer you paper underwear for some semblance of modesty and may not scrub every little crevice like Eastern bathhouses. 


Select spas and resorts may offer 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions. Use sugar, sea salt, or mitts to exfoliate and combine treatments with maybe algae or seaweed wraps, CBD oil, or essential oils. 


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