The Best of A.I. Powered Apps for Mental Health And Wellness

The Best of A.I. Powered Apps for Mental Health And Wellness


 A.I. has taken over in app stores but psychiatrists aren’t worried about artificial intelligence taking over their jobs, though that hasn’t stopped developers from trying. You can find an A.I.-powered wellness app for almost every area of your life. Here are some of the best, covering almost every area of mental wellness one might need.

  • IOS and Android app Yogibirth offers A.I. help to guide expecting mothers through the vast landscape of prenatal wellness. 

  • Pride Counseling offers queer mental health services for $40/week. 

  • Talkspace and Betterhelp are both subscription-based therapy apps. 

  • The addiction app, I Am Sober, is the encouragement every person who is tested by sobriety wish they had at their fingertips. 

  • Struggle with getting things done and taking control of your life? The app Fabulous helps build better habits. 

  • Goltman Card Decks offers mental health help for couples, which we love!

  • Omada is an app that helps those who struggle with disordered eating, and it’s a safe place to track your progress to health. 

The list goes on, really. If you need to move past the stigma of getting help for your mental health, an A.I.-powered app offers a powerful introduction to what a well you could look and feel like. But the aforementioned apps are ONLY the mental health-focused ones. There’s a vast world of wellness (physical health) A.I. apps on the market too., a review site for new artificial intelligence software, rated their top nine wellness apps, breaking them down by their niche. 

Best Wellness Apps of 2021 by

  1. Tempo AI Home Gym Review  [best AI-powered home gym]

  2. FitnessAI [best AI personal trainer]

  3. Aaptiv Coach [best AI personal trainer]

  4. Fitbod [ best AI fitness data]

  5. Fitness Ally [best AI fitness form feedback]

  6. SpartanApps Coach [best AI training and nutrition app]

  7. Infigrow [best AI training assistant]

  8. Yoganotech [best AI yoga app]

The surprising part of this list is how niche each app is. There are apps for home gym workouts, personal trainers, fitness form feedback, workout plan creators, and of course yoga apps. These jobs could be done by one person; theoretically, a personal trainer. So what about their jobs? Will A.I. take over the wellness sector? That one is a little dicier with so many fitness and wellness professionals moving to Zoom calls and outdoor workouts they have been placed heel-to-toe with wellness apps. 

But how long really will people want to work out, alone, in their homes? If that’s what fitness instructors are betting on to see their once-loyal clientele return; then app developers are on the opposite side of that bet. These apps are easy to download and may cost less than a single training session. Not to mention with an app, there’s no wondering what your instructor is thinking about you as you trudge through the last mile of a grueling run. 

All-in-all, options are a good thing, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Anything that can get you moving and toward holistic living is a good thing. And not everything can be entirely replaced by software. The human element is lucrative. Our guess is most people will experiment with both AI apps and professionals until they find something that works for them.