Powerful New Year's Goals to Really Consider

Powerful New Year's Goals to Really Consider

by Body Complete Rx

So we've written extensively about how the whole new year, new you mindset is outdated, and we still believe that. We still believe people don't need to fix themselves, but rather step more into themselves, but we also know that as humans we need goals to propel us forward. The quest for something meaningful is important to a lot of us. 

So, in that regard we were compelled to put together a list of powerful new year’s goals you should consider. With each one, the idea is not to have a massive idea that's too lofty to achieve, but something doable and thus life-changing.


  • Create a reading schedule. Give every monthly theme. If you want to be more sociable this year join a book club and actually attend the meetings. Read books that teach you new ways of living, thinking, or expressing yourself. 
  • Revamp your office space to be more ergonomic, improve your posture, and lessen chronic pain.
  • Schedule your annual health check-up and follow up accordingly and promptly. Your health is important.
  • Overthink less and meditate more when faced with perplexing situations. To keep it simple, try pausing before you speak.
  • Protect your peace over others' comforts in the new year. People-pleasing is like taking on a shady sales job that only pays you in commission. It’s rarely a high-yield investment. 
  • Distance yourself from people who drain your emotional energy. Even if you don't do anything else, please do this one. You are reflected in the people you surround yourself with. 
  • Consume less sugar. Begin to eat fewer and fewer snacks that contain high amounts of added sugar, this includes beverages. This is a great solution to slashing calories when considering a diet change. 
  • Commit to spending a few weeks exploring different mindfulness practices. Meditation is a great way to improve your health, but we know it isn't always easy to do. However, it is well worth the effort. Take part in a new mindfulness activity every week, such as walking meditation or counting prayer beads. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect way for how your brain works.  
  • Give yourself a monthly review. Are you satisfied with how the month went? What is the reason for or against? Try doing self-assessments on a weekly basis if you're worried about forgetting to do them. Start with small wins to build confidence. 
  • Do what you say, do what you commit to doing. Imagine your promises as currency, if you renege enough, you'll lose your credibility. It's not about others not believing in your word as much as it is about you having a belief that you can accomplish what you say you will.  
  • Plan a cleaning schedule that doesn't take up too much time. You should be able to integrate it easily into your schedule. It's often said that a messy house signifies depression or unhappiness. Keeping your home clean also helps clear your mind. A clear head can accomplish a lot.  

Most of all no matter what goals you set for yourself, health and fitness or otherwise, make sure you can break them down and give yourself time to actually begin chipping away at them. Lofty goals that are too ambiguous rarely invite success.