4 Plant-based Alternatives For Shaving Cream

4 Plant-based Alternatives For Shaving Cream


There are a lot of options when it comes to skincare: vegan products, plant-based…the normal monolithic brands. It comes down to a personal choice. For some people, they chose plant-based options because they prioritize knowing what goes into their bodies. 


Slight Difference in Meaning: Plant-based and Vegan 

Plant-based and vegan sound the same, but there is a slight difference. Some plant-based products could still be tested on animals. However, any vegan brand worth their stock (and actually vegan) wouldn't test on animals or contain animal ingredients. 


We’ve rounded up some brands that are either vegan (V) or cruelty-free (CF). 




Why Use Plant-Based Shave Cream

Most shave creams are considered non-poisonous and are fine for normal skin. Aerosol cans are the exception. Aerosol products work because they contain toxic chemicals that propel the ‘can-stuff’ out. “The highly toxic chemicals found in aerosols are known carcinogens and neurotoxins like butane, xylene, and formaldehyde,” says goat-milk soap creators Bend Soap Co.


Obviously, if you have sensitive skin then it's preferable to use products with simple ingredients that you understand.Most plant-based products are without ingredients that could irritate the skin. 


However, if you’d like to go a step further and make your own shave cream concoction you can. Below, we’ve rounded up some household products you can try as shaving cream. 


Plant-based Alternatives For Shaving Cream


Black woman shaving in tub


Mineral Oil

We do want to mention while some use baby oil as a shaving alternative; mineral oil (baby oil is a synthetic version) can be known to clog the pores, so watch out. In fact, celebrity facialists say to avoid mineral-oil products for the "pore-damage" they could wreak. 


Coconut oil

This pantry item is also a great moisturizer and an effective treatment for razor bumps. If you want to take it up a notch add some skin-safe tea tree oil to the coconut oil, and the coconut oil effectively becomes a carrier oil. Tea tree oil can prevent skin infections with its antibacterial properties.


Aloe Gel 

Like the rest of our suggestions, you’ll be in for a smooth shave with Aloe Gel. The cool thing about using this plant is aloe’s antiseptic properties. If you commonly nick or cut yourself while shaving then aloe is a great option for avoiding infections. It’s also cooling *perfect for the bikini line and underarms.*


Olive Oil 

For a close and smooth shave, olive oil is the top choice. For men wanting a simple face routine olive oil also offers anti-aging and moisturizing properties. (And for all of us who shave our chin, when we know we shouldn’t *ahem* then this is also an option for women.)


Will you be making your own plant-based shave cream? Let us know in the comments how it goes!