Ever Heard of an IV Drip Spa?

Ever Heard of an IV Drip Spa?


There's a newish spa treatment on the market I never expected to be trending. (If you're aren't a fan of needles, this one doesn't pass the vibe check. I repeat, if even talking about needles freaks you out, you should probably stop reading. Immediately.)


Like I just indicated, "intravenous (IV) drip" and "spa treatment" are two phrases I hadn't expected to see together, but it does make sense. Especially when you start digging into the trend and accept that not all trips to the spa are fun. (If you've ever gotten a full-body scrub from a Korean day spa or Hamman, you already know...)


Spa treatments are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves or improve overall wellness. Whether you have fun is questionable and mostly irrelevant. Personally, every time I lay back for a wax, I tell myself, "beauty is pain." 


However, getting an IV treatment is painless if you're not afraid of needles. Moreover, IV drip treatments are supposed to make you feel pretty dang great— straightaway. 


The Benefits of IV Drip Spa Treatments


Offices that offer their liquid-filled, goody bags to the general public list several benefits like:



That's a lot to promise; it's basically marketed as a cure for death. Well, that's a little dramatic, but it does sound too incredible to be true. I should mention there's a pretty hefty price tag associated with most places that offer this treatment. But is the high cost because it works or really good marketing? That's the question to answer.


So let's jump in. Could an IV drip really do any of that mentioned above, and if so, how? 


How Do IV Drip Spa Treatments Work?


Two people getting an at-home IV drip treatment


Well, first off, you should know it's a low-risk therapy. This medical technique delivers IV fluids directly into the vein. These liquids usually consist of hydrating nutrients: water, salt, and sugar, but medications and vitamins can also be included. In addition, other "cocktails" offered may include ingredients like:


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide


NAD+ is a "central metabolic coenzyme/cosubstrate involved in cellular energy metabolism and energy production." In short, it supports:


  • The brain & nervous system think sensory and motor functions.
  • The liver, Gluconeogenesis, and fatty acid oxidation. 
  • Vasculature or endothelial function (vascular contractions or relaxation.)
  • Your Heart or cardioprotection
  • Lymphoid tissue, pertaining to immunity and anti-inflammatory
  • Reproductive organs and fertility
  • The kidneys or renoprotection
  • Pancreas or insulin secretion
  • Muscle and insulin sensitivity and fatty acid oxidation
  • and finally adipose tissue and lipogenesis.


Prescription Pain Medication


The Hangover Club, with locations in New York City and Las Vegas, offers IV drips labeled as containing "2x Pain or Nausea Rx Medication." Of course, 'pain medication' is very vague; we recommend getting the complete deets before being hooked up, to make sure it's suitable for you.



Lactated Ringer’s IV Solution


This solution is the ultimate rehydration IV fluid. For medical intents, Ringer's IV solution replaces "lost fluids and electrolytes in those with low blood volume or low blood pressure." The solution is an alkalinizing agent that increases the Ph level of the body.



But Couldn't You Take A Vitamin For a Fraction of The Cost of an IV Drip Treatment? 

If it sounds a lot like taking a vitamin and drinking water, it's because that's essentially what it is, with one key difference. An intravenous vitamin drip bypasses the stomach and "delivers nutrients, vitamins, and medications directly to your bloodstream for immediate use." But why is bypassing the digestive system noteworthy?


Americans Suffer From Dietary Imbalances— and Vitamins Might Not Be The Fix Everyone Thinks They Are


According to John Hopkins Medicine, "most Americans have dietary imbalances and not necessarily nutritional deficiencies or malnutrition." In short, our diets suck.


However, the Harris poll reported that 4 out of 5 American adults take a daily supplement or vitamin to make up for their diets. The Poll went a step further. They found of those who reported taking vitamins or supplements, 24 percent received test results revealing they still had nutritional deficiencies.


Essentially most vitamin absorption occurs in the small intestinebut for some vitamins it varies. Most vitamins need to stay intact for a period of time, until it reaches the right place in the body to be properly absorbed. (That's why there are time-delay capsules. However, even with time-delay coatings, not all nutrients make it to the proper place in your digestive tract.


The inconsistency lies hereroughly 10 percent of vitamins taken orally are absorbed through the digestive system. This is when bypassing the digestive system with an IV drip becomes appealing.


The Verdict 

Basically, it may be worth trying out if you feel it's the type of service you wouldn't regret spending some (read: $$$$) dollars on.


How Much Should I Pay For an IV Drip Treatment?  

Remember that hefty price tag I mentioned? Well, you'll be paying more than a discounted Groupon massage in Chinatown, that's for sure.


Dripology, a mobile IV drip provider, offers IV NAD+ treatment for $900. This treatment includes one liter of IV fluid and four hours of a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD(+)) solution.


The Hangover Club offers a range of bags from $115 to $1000, with the median cost between $250 and $300. They limit their customers to one drip every three days. 


So there you have it, folks. Let us know in the comments, will you be trying out the IV Drip Spa Treatment Trend?