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The Only Exercises You Need To Look Great in a Backless Sundress

Having a strong back improves your posture which makes you appear more confident. Not only will you get a good dose of confidence, but you'll also feel great while wearing back-exposing styles. Giving care and attention to our back muscles is also just super important for us women. Having a back and core that can support us throughout our day is especially crucial for mothers and those who work at a desk all day. A strong back allows you to avoid unnecessary back pain and muscle strain. Here's what Harvard Health has to say:

"It is also necessary to have strong back muscles, including your erector spinae, the large muscles on either side of your spinal column, and the muscles surrounding your scapulae (shoulder blades). Strengthening all of these muscles reduces the strain on your back and helps relieve or prevent pain."



So with that said, here are our favorite moves to achieve a sleek and sculpted sexy back. 

Women's Health Reverse Snow Angel

This is a great no equipment bodyweight workout you can do to get a strong and sexy upper back. Get the workout instructions here.

Coach Lee NYC's Banded Cobra Lat Pull-Down

When I want to workout my lats I typically head to the pull down machine in the gym, but if you're working out with only bodyweight this is a great move you can do at home. 

Coach Lee NYC's Banded Back Extensions In Cobra

To hit the lower back and the tops of your glutes this bodyweight move will do the trick. 
Back extensions are a great exercise to routinely do to decrease lower-back pain associated with strains, disc syndrome, and degenerative issues. 

Shape.com's Split Stance Extension

Continue working the lower back, work on your balance, and build that peach with this movement from Shape. They recommend doing 8 reps in a set and then repeat. 

Self.com's Full Body Bridge

I've actually never seen this done before so I thought I'd include it for the people who have tried everything and anything. Find the instructions here, so you can do the move safely.

Runtastic's Clap Jacks 

Runtastic says you should keep your hands at shoulder height throughout the whole movement. We recommend keeping your rear delts and arms tense so you can get a good burn going in your upper back and arms. This move can also be great for core stability makes sure to keep that mind-muscle connection and contract those core muscles. 

VeryWellFit's Bird Dogs

This move is an all-around power house really working your whole body and ensuring functional fitness. VeryWellFit cites that it's a good move to build lower back function:
We hope you found these moves helpful in building a functionally fit body that can support you throughout your wellness journey. Leave us a comment below and tell us what move you felt gave you the best results.