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The Body Complete Rx Editorial Team continues chatting with our customers to get learn about their encouraging experiences with BODY COMPLETE RX. We’re sharing their real life experiences using BCRX products to achieve their goals.

Today, we are featuring Chantel, who is 38 pounds down with very little exercise while using her BCRX Kit and intermittent fasting. 



BCRX: Thanks so much for agreeing to interview us, Chantel. You mentioned in your survey responses that you viewed using our products as a way of “Investing in yourself.” I think that’s a beautiful way to put it, self-care is indeed an investment. 


C: Yes! I have gained a lot of confidence since taking the Body Complete Rx. I also have been getting a lot of compliments and inquires about the product, in which I referred them to you guys. I can tell I lost a lot of inches because my waistline has gone-in completely. I feel snatched. 


BCRX: You piqued my curiosity when you mentioned that you didn’t immediately begin using your BCRX products after you received them. Would you say you still had some doubts about the product? 

C: I was unsure when I first purchased the product if it would be like the many other products I purchased in the past that's why I was hesitant in the beginning, but now I can truly say it has transformed my life in a better way and I'm thankful that I gave it a chance.

I feel snatched. - C.

BCRX: One benefit you mentioned seeing after you finally started the product was more energy, what were your energy levels like before BCRX?

C: My energy level was groggy and not motivated in the mornings, but now it's full of energy and I feel healthy. 


BCRX: You weren't exercising when you filled out our survey. Have you begun working out now or you're still seeing results without incorporating exercise? 

C: I do not work out as much. But I'm continuing to see weight drop off me with intermittent fasting. Yes, I have met my goal weight. I started with cutting out all meat and eating fruits and vegetables with lemon water everyday all day. Also, I would drink hot tea. No sugar, light salt, no juices, no bread, no dairy. I slowly found myself beginning to eat "bad things" again but still losing inches. I do not eat breakfast. I drink a lot of water in the mornings and then around lunch time I eat and then I will eat dinner. 

BCRX: And just to fill in our readers, as to your progress, you mentioned you met your goal. Congratulations! Would you mind telling us your starting point and your end point, and if there's a new goal on the horizon?

C: Before I started Body Complete Rx, I was 214 lbs. My weight now is 176 lbs and my goal weight is 165 lbs.

At this time, I have no new goals, but to stay consistent with my intermittent fasting. I'll watch my weight decrease until my liking.

Thank you so much for your products that changed my friends, family and my life.