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Healthy Thanksgiving Eating tip no. 1

Legalize the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and everything else that goes with thanksgiving eating. The moment you tell yourself that any part of the meal is 'forbidden' or 'bad for you' it grows psychological hooks. It's almost as if 'making it bad' makes it grows fingers that insist you eat it. But when you tell yourself it is perfectly OK to eat some, you remove the 'hooks.'

It allows you to stay relaxed instead of tense around the table. And when you eat with en-joy-ment rather than with guilt, your digestion works better because of the way your body works when you're feeling stressed out.

Thanksgiving tip no. 2

Don't tell yourself and everyone else you meet that thanksgiving is a eating nightmare. It's not difficult once you know how to take it from being a mental nightmare and to change it into a fantastic eating experience for yourself.

Before reaching to take a single morsel of food, just sit and visually take in all the food. Do you like it's colours, it's shapes? Notice what is happening in your mouth - enjoy the sensations of saliva forming, remind yourself that this is the way your body prepares to digest your food.

Healthy Thanksgiving Eating tip no. 3

Don't automatically pile your plate. What looks the absolute yummiest to you? If you could choose only two items, which would they be and why? How do you anticipate they would taste?

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being: absolutely awful; 5 being: OK and 10 being: orgasmically delicious, where would these two foods rate? Now dish up for yourself less than you think you'd really like to eat. Remind yourself you can always go back for seconds.

Eating tip no. 4

Don't rush starting to eat, tell yourself you are relaxed around this plate of food and that you're going to enjoy every morsel. Then do just that. Really chew your food, focus on how much you really do like the actual flavours and are they different than what you expected?

Be curious. Try different food combinations together - which do you like best?

Thanksgiving eating tip no. 5

Don't automatically head for seconds. Enjoy a bit of conversation first. Take your time about heading back. Allow what you've eaten to reach your tummy and register how much more (if any) you really need.

If you'd really like more but you already know you've eaten enough for your tummy, dish up another plate, cover and refrigerate it for another time. Remember that food doesn't taste as delicious when we're full.

With these healthy thanksgiving tips, and others from Ditch Diets Live Light you can keep your healthy weight loss on track.

By Cari Corbet-Owen. Owen is a Clinical Psychologist and author of 'The Joy-Filled Body' and 'Mind over Fat