Body Goals On Your Mind? Let’s Talk Garcinia Cambogia.
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Body Goals On Your Mind? Let’s Talk Garcinia Cambogia.


We spend a good amount of time trying to master different areas of our lives; including how much we eat. Adhering to the proper portions and the food pyramid seems stifling and restrictive. Leaving you with questions like: “Why do I eat when I’m bored?” “Why do I eat when I’m not hungry?” “How do I stop overeating at night?” These questions boil down to this one, “why is it so hard to get control of my appetite?” The answer isn’t simple, over-eating straddles psychological and physiological reasoning, making it difficult to get a handle on. Point-blank, you are not alone if you have trouble getting less-than-ideal eating habits under control. 

What Is Pleasure Eating?

Psychologist Aida Vazin explains food became linked with instant gratification early on in life, “When we are little kids and we scrap our knee or have to get a shot at the doctor’s office, we’re given a lollipop or an ice cream and told not to cry.” The pleasure we get from eating has hard-wired our brains to seek it out as a coping mechanism in times of discomfort. And it also works for a short amount of time. Eating past your caloric needs will trigger your body to release feel-good chemicals that are flagged in your brain as a reward. 


Get Some Rest

Briefly, we also want to hammer down the importance of sleep. If you are regularly getting less than seven hours of sleep you will eat more. Anything less than seven hours signals your brain to make appetite-stimulating hormones, making up for the lack of sleep with food-fueled energy. 

With all that said, healing your relationship with food is a journey. That’s why diets are out these days because they are not sustainable. It’s all about the lifestyle changes you can make that feel good. If you want a summer body that turns heads, that’s okay. You can want to lose weight, but it will be more likely to happen if you partner that desire up with other more meaningful goals. Like hiking the Appalachian trails next summer or getting healthy with a parent who struggles with their health. This type of sentiment will push you much further than “summer body goals.” 

And with that said, let’s talk about supplements. 

Control Your Appetite With Helpful Supplements 

When we understand the obstacles that lay in front of us and where we want to end up, it makes goal setting easier. Supplements are a great way to support your new lifestyle. That’s why we spend so much time getting the formula just right, so you can start living and stop stressing. Our Control Appetite Suppressant Capsules make sticking to your diet a lot easier. We know that there are a lot of old habits you will need to overcome. We formulated a capsule that is all about reducing those “I’m hungry, but not really,” urges to eat


BCRX’s Control Appetite Suppressant Capsules contain green coffee bean extract, green tea, and a potent dose of Garcinia Cambogia. All three work together to reduce ‘comfort/reward eating’ and kick stubborn hunger pangs to the curb. You still have to do the work undoing the negative associations you formed over the years toward food. Losing weight is all about the little changes you make.   

Garcinia Cambogia 

This fruit's hunger-stopping-power lies in its rind where the chemical compound hydroxycitric acid (HCA) naturally occurs. In both animal and within test-tube studies; Hydroxycritrate acid suppressed fat absorption and acid synthesis. Research also revealed that HCA could reduce appetite and provoke weight loss.  

With short-term use, fat oxidation was increased and worked to lower carbohydrate oxidation for athletes and non-athletes during exercise. HCA also showed promise as a wellness aid in a couple of unexpected ways. By boosting lipid oxidation and reducing the amount of stored glucose, the chemical compound increased endurance and performance in mice after three weeks. So, it absolutely presents as a promising aid for those seeking more control over a runaway diet.

In summary, here are the key points you should know about Hydroxycitric acid...

  1. Reduces how often you want to eat.

  2. Stimulates weight loss by suppressing fat absorption. 

  3. Increases your physical endurance.

  4. Helps improve athletic performance.

And the exciting thing about HCA is that there is still so much research that can be done to reveal countless more benefits. If you have health issues concerning your liver, please speak with your doctor before taking an HCA supplement.