Resources To Help You Show Up For Yourself In 2021
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Resources To Help You Show Up For Yourself In 2021


To start the new year off right, we compiled a tiny all-star, resource-bank driven by black folk and people of color. The list is small, but broad and mighty– you’re sure to find direction whether you’re looking to get fit, focus on your mental health, or just show up for yourself in a bigger way this year. 

Show Up For Yourself 

It’s hard to enter a new year without too many expectations. If last year completely overwhelmed you though; we recommend you keep your expectations to a minimum. Sure, you can have goals. But losing 60 pounds by Easter sounds stressful asf. Put the sharpie down, you do not need to block off April 4th as the day your life changes and you can fit into your skinny jeans from 11th grade.


How about you shift your focus? Drop the number, get rid of the scale. Focus on showing up for yourself- as often as you can (i.e. eat for health, not for calories.)


If you began the new year with mental wellness goals like meditate for 500 hours and stop eating at 5 p.m. reconsider this as well. We love both goals but don’t turn your new lifestyle into a chore. Instead, cultivate a regular meditation practice by showing up for yourself a little each day. Sit for as long as it feels good. Let your practice grow organically, but sit regularly. Go about your life and eventually; subconsciously, you will begin seeking out more and more time to sit. 

Because it feels good. Because you want to. Because good habits feel even more rewarding than bad habits! 

Show up for yourself this year and if you don’t know how...we have a resource-bank for you to reference! 


  1. Guided by Balanced Black Girl. Access to this online community will run you $46.99/ month.  They’ve packed this monthly subscription with classes, guided meditations, and podcast Q&A Opportunities for their guests. 
  2. Rachel Ricketts’s Grief Resources. This queer black woman labels herself as a global disruptor and mystic. Her Grief Resources are broken into 5 sections: Racism & Gender, Stress & Burnout, Health & Pandemics, Death, and More Good Stuff. In each section, you will find at least 5-11 different links to juicy articles. 
  3. Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness. Give this Instagram page a follow. This Chicago-based group will host a couple of free-live sessions this month. On Jan. 14th there will be a Zoom call on the topic: Overcoming Anxiety with Mindfulness. On Jan. 28th, the Zoom call will be on the topic: Rebuilding After Loss. Just visit their website and Rsvp. 
  4. Therapy For Black Girls, The Yellow Couch CollectiveTake a seat on the yellow couch and join an empowering group chat for $9.99/month. Why should you pay to join a group chat? Therapy For Black Girls says, You should join us if you're a Black woman interested in taking steps to improve your life and develop lasting and healing relationships with other Black women. If you've struggled to find a community that accepts you, supports you, and wants to see you win, look no further, You can sit with us!”
  5. Ethels Club Shop. Sometimes you just need to go shopping to feel better. What better way to shop and show up for yourself than to shop black? But we love Ethel’s club beyond their little curated shop though, they offer a saucy little digital club. Find fitness, breathwork, yoga, skin & beauty, and meditation content on this platform for $17/month. Also, they offer a free week trial to minimize any risk you may associate with dropping $17 on a service you know nothing about. We’re game!
  6. Black Girl In Om, The Circle. You must request to join this elite group of kick-a** women. But once you’re in, you’re in. They focus on rewriting your personal narrative, coach you through their monthly curriculum, and back you up with a sisterhood! 
  7. Make Self-Awareness Your Superpower With Yasmine Cheyenne, on Skillshare. Don’t want to join a community? Do you just need a new year reset? Consider taking a Skillshare class. Yasmine Cheyenne is a resource in-herself. She aims to, “[teach you] how to add boundaries, choose joy over worry, + navigate what’s holding you back from fully being you.” At this time, If you join Skillshare via Yasmine’s’ class, you will get 14 days free of premium membership.