Get Your Dream Inner Thighs with These 3 Moves
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Get Your Dream Inner Thighs with These 3 Moves


Spot training to lose weight in a specific area isn’t a thing but boy, do I wish it was. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t devote some time to isolation training. Isolation training helps balance out your muscle tone. Your inner thigh muscles should not be ignored. Strong inner thigh muscles “will help stabilize your hips, knees, and lower back.” When muscles are underworked, it’s easy to strain, pull, or otherwise injury yourself. And while only a good diet and exercise can trim inner thigh fat, isolation training can sculpt lean and sexy leg definition. 


Squeeze A Ball (With Your Legs)

Grab a stability ball or weighted (if you are pro) and put it in between those thighs, calves, or knees. We love that there are so many variations to this hamstring workout. You can stand and squeeze a stability ball. Stand-and-squeeze sounds simple, and it is, but we included a video because it can’t hurt. You can also lay down and try one of the many variations squeeze.


Standing Squeeze


The Stability Ball (Laying On Your Stomach Hamstring Squeeze) 



For this one, you are definitely going to feel the burn. Women’s Health Magazine says that you can replace the ball for this one with a yoga block. You could alternate between the two, as the change in size will probably hit all the stabilizer muscles in your inner thighs. You can find out more concerning sets, reps, and form on


Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl 

This one is hard, and what we mean by hard is that it is going to burn so good you’ll love and hate it.


Keeping your core engaged and tight is key for injury prevention with this move. If you lack core-strength, we recommend building up to this exercise. According to Men’s Health, this is the move that gave Ryan Reynolds Deadpool perfect backside. You can head on over to Men’s Health (yes, ladies, this move is for you too) to get more information on form, reps, and sets! 


Side Lunges 

Of course, we know many of you are still working out from home. If you haven’t invested in a stability ball yet, then this one is for you. All you need is your body weight to do a side lung, and if you want to take it up a notch, we have a challenging variation for you! First, the basic side-lunge, our number one tip to get those inner thighs blazing with a basic lateral lunge. Go as slow as your balance allows you. To tone, those legs try pausing in the squat before coming back up. Quick side lunges get your heart pumping and are a great cardio option. But exercising at a low-intensity but steady pace will build stability. Also, slow and controlled movements let you properly feel the burn. Not to mention until you get the hang of it, taking your time with this movement will prevent knee discomfort.

Side Lunge And Hop! (Challenge Yourself)

We told you we had the perfect “take-it-up-a-notch” variation for you!



For this variation, instead of going from leg-to-leg, you may want to work one leg at a time so you can keep the memento flowing. Self Magazine says you should pause once you bring your leg in from the lateral lunge and then do a small one-legged hop with your planted leg. You can head on over to for more tips on form, reps, and sets.