The Real Reasons BCRX Shakes are Made with Sweet Potato Powder
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The Real Reasons BCRX Shakes are Made with Sweet Potato Powder


Few carbs can also be called Paleo-friendly, but sweet potatoes can! Even though these root vegetables could be hunted and gathered by our ancestors, a cup of sweet potatoes contains 27g of Carbohydrates, so be mindful. But Healthline says that less than 32% of those carbs are simple syrups, 53% are starches.


We know what you are wondering: will sweet potatoes make me fat? Our answer, of course, is everything in moderation. However, sweet potatoes can aid in weight loss and promote gut health from their healthy starches. 20% of the carbohydrate content is resistant and slowly digested starches, making you feel full for longer. And as we all know, the emotional-eating and mindless-eating are half the battle in any weight loss journey.  


Our bodies, though, still need carbohydrates to function and feel energized. Not all carbohydrates are created the same. With this macronutrient, picking a quality source of carbohydrates is more important than counting carbs. 20g of resistant and slowly digestible scratches will do a lot more for you than 20g of rapidly digested scratches. 


When the nutritious value of sweet potatoes is isolated into a powder, you get all the starchy-benefits without all the extra carbohydrates. But it is not all about the fiber and starch content, it is a perfect reconstituted food. The sweet potato powder re-hydrates easily and gives our BCRX shakes a creamy consistency.


Let us move onto the nutritional value because this root vegetable has a lot to offer! Packed full of vitamins from B5 to magnesiumniacin, and potassium, perfect fuel for on-the-go-women. 



Pantothenic acid, commonly known as Vitamin B5, helps the body breakdown carbohydrates and convert them into energy. Pantothenic acid will also aid the body in breaking down fat and protein for energy. Unlike glucose, the body does not keep stores of B vitamins. A healthy diet should include plenty of B vitamin-rich foods.

A protein shake or supplement is the easiest way to get your daily dose of B vitamins. 

Healthy Glowing Skin 

Another B vitamin hard at work, Niacin helps convert your meals into energy, but it does even more. “Niacin helps keep your nervous system, digestive system, and skin healthy,” affirms the Mayo Clinic. But what’s really great about Niacin is that benefits aren't superficial. Some new research hints that the B vitamin could help prevent skin cancer. “Niacin helps protect skin cells from sun damage, whether it's used orally or applied as a lotion,” says


Keeping You Ready For The Next Adventure!

Potassium and Magnesium are a power duo. For those who are always looking for the next challenge, you want to keep your body in prime condition. Potassium allows your body to regulate sodium and water retention. Too much water and sodium, and you are going to feel bloated and inflamed. Potassium is a balancing electrolyte. By pushing out excess sodium and water from your cells, potassium allows your body to stay balanced and feeling great.

In short, if you’re feeling bloated on the regular, you might need more potassium.  

Magnesium, where to begin? Mg offers stress-relief for the brain and the body! Researchers have found that Magnesium assists in, “the process of energy metabolism and assists the maintenance of normal muscle contraction and relaxation.”


Have you ever experienced a couple of days of super sore and tight legs? Soreness is normal, but too much can interfere with your quality of life. Keep your magnesium intake at the recommended 300 to 350 mg (for women) to keep the body happy, and a spring in your step.


We love that sweet potato powder not only makes our shakes taste great, but that it is a natural source of vitamins and energy that we know everyone needs. And remember supplements made with whole foods, are supplements you can trust to do right by your body!