Please Stop Juice Detoxing, Try This Instead!
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Please Stop Juice Detoxing, Try This Instead!

by Body Complete Rx

The concept of a juice detox removing everything toxic from the body in 3-7 days is a crafty one, and it sells a lot of products. But there’s little to any evidence that juicing works to remove toxins from your body. If you can breathe and can move your body, then your organs are already detoxifying. 


We found one juice brand that claimed that when people juice they’re “kicking [the] body’s natural detoxification organs into gear, helping to flush away built-up toxins and debris more efficiently.” 


If you want to detox your body, abstain from behaviors that invite toxins into your body in the first place. Don’t restrict the good stuff that only serves to nourish the body.


We’re not saying a detox won’t result in weight loss — if you don’t eat for 7 days, you’ll see the scale move. But, also the body will be starved of the vital nutrients that it needs to function at peak performance throughout the juicing period.

The human body is designed to detox itself, rendering juicing as frankly, unnecessary.

But Won’t the Weight Loss Make it Worth it?

We hate to say it, but any rapidly lost weight is unlikely to stay off when achieved through unsustainable behavior. The long route is almost the best way to go when you’re talking about diet plans. 


And sure, at first, healthier lifestyle changes will feel hard to sustain, but you don’t need to anticipate your future success, instead focus on doing the best you can today. Days will turn to weeks, and so forth, and before you know it, what seemed so hard at first becomes second nature.

The Take-Away?

Before you attempt to erase a weekend of drinking with a juice cleanse, pause. What the body needs is rest and nutrients, not an influx of sugar and deprivation. Give your body what it needs to detox itself on the regular with a clean diet. Besides, any results you get from using a quick fix aren’t likely to last. Besides, you’re not a project to fix or even get back to. Don’t resolve to do something that you can’t picture doing forever. 

The Best Detox is a Consistently Clean Diet

When we formulated our plant-based protein powder, we had in mind not to replace food with liquids but to create a supplement. We made a product that fits into your everyday lifestyle and doesn’t allow you to feel deprived. In fact, our sincere hope is that you use Body Complete Rx products because they taste good, keep you full, and support your health goals.

Still think you need to detox?Abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and smoking gives the body a break to work on clearing itself out. There’s little more than that you need to do outside of providing it varied and clean food.


We don’t shy away from good-for-you ingredients in our plant-based, Nourish Protein powder. We use beetroot extract, sweet potato powder, and pea protein to keep you full and nourished. Use BCRX as an aid as you start on your journey to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your goals, feel more at ease, and be happier.


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